Shubhrastha’s Befitting Reply to Sagarika Ghose During NDTV Debate

Gone are the days of Doordarshan television debates where everyone had their time to speak without interruption. Now In this era of private television, the debates have turned into bullying program where a group of people usually the one which shares the views with the anchor bully the people of the other side, abuse them, make fun of them, take all the frustration out on them. This is what’s happening on every television channel, some are loud others are louder. And the public is left with no other option but to watch these conclusionless and sometime meaningless debates.

But it is not that the anchors and their friends will always be successful in bullying the other side sometimes the opposite can happen. Something like that happened on NDTV. There was a debate on NDTV about  the Right vs Left Wing hosted by Nidhi Razdhan. The spokesperson from India Foundation tried to make a point that people from the Left wing are equally abusive on social media, she said ” I follow many people belonging to the other side of the political spectrum who are abusive,” but before she could finish the other panelist Sagrika Ghosh who usually gets trolled on the social media on a regular basis,  interrupted and tried to make fun of the the Spokesperson of India Foundation Subharashta. Sagrika interrupted saying “but you are not the Prime Minister,” and mild laughs from the other panelists were heard on this joke of Sagrika.

Here’s the video

These actions of Sagrika enraged India foundation Spokesperson Shubhrastha, as she blasted all the left liberal people on the panel including Sagrika and the Anchor Nidhi Razdhan. The strong response from Subhrastha completely silenced Sagrika.