Shwetniti : Meet this Next Gen Politician of India, Known For Her Innovations

Since past several years, a youth revolution in the field of politics is taking place. Till a decade back, the politics in India was considered a business of middle aged people, in which the youth had very little to absolutely no interest. It was considered both boring, and as well as dull. But from past few years, young minds seems to be taking interest in politics and many are even getting involved in it. With the arrival of youth, innovation has also made its way into Indian political field. The youth are completely changing the way politics used to be in India. The Netas of new age are young, innovative and digital. Here in this article we’ll tell you about one such young politician, who seems to be making big changes in Indian politics with her innovative and digital ideas.

We are speaking about Maharashtra BJP’s spokesperson, Shweta Shalini. Born to an army officer father, a strong sense of patriotism and nationalism was there in her from a very early age. She was born in Darbhanga of Bihar Her childhood has been rather nomadic. While jumping cities and schools, Ms Shalini never got the opportunity to settle down at a particular place, but this also helped her to understand India’s diverse cultures at a very young age. Shweta has been excellent as student, and always participated in various extra-curricular activities, especially debates and public speaking. Her innovative brain first came to limelight when she wrote technical papers on innovation and product design. After completing studies with excellence, she ventured out to be an entrepreneur. Her two successful projects, Fortune Cookie Marketing Solutions and Real Time Wave, firmly established her name in the market as a successful businesswoman.

However during all this while, Ms Shalini’s desire to do something for the country had gotten stronger. She knew, it would not be possible to make significant changes without having political power and hence she joined Bharatiya Janata Party, as a spokesperson for Maharashtra unit. Soon after joining politics she brought her innovative ideas to the table. It is Shweta’s desire to see India as a Superpower and according to her this is possible only when changes and policies reaches out to the last man in the queue. She believes in the power of technology to uplift the lifestyle of India’s rural population.

In political field, she is credited with the invention of War room, that corporatized entire election process with hired software, media and legal experts. Under this strategy, BJP witnessed huge success in various elections of Maharashtra. Another one of her revolutionary ideas was the Ask Devendra initiative, that allowed common masses from across the state to connect with Devendra Fadnavis and ask him direct questions. This was a first of its kind project. With one after another success, Shweta’s political career seems to going upwards only. Remember the days when politicians were just politicians? Well new age politicians of new India like Shweta Shalini aren’t just politicians. Politics is a part of their lives not the life itself. Apart from her political initiatives, Shweta had spearheaded several social initiatives.

One of her most revolutionary social initiative is the Mukhyamantri Mitra, which involves citizen volunteers to drive good governance. These citizen volunteers include talented government servants, police officials, teachers, CAs, doctors, and those with Social Service background and are required to carry out social audit of the functioning government departments and welfare schemes. This helps them to address the grievances to the Party and also bring in suggestions to improve the functioning of various public entities and offices.

Through her Shwetniti initiatives, Ms Shalini reaches out to the enthusiastic youth of the country to share her profound knowledge and experience in various subjects. Because of her positive thoughts and innovative ideas, Shweta Shalini has today emerged as a youth icon. She guides and advices new women entrepreneurs who have a technology based start-up. It is because of her efforts that a legislation has been brought in Maharashtra to control private school fees. Another legislation, that would ensure child security on online platform is being made due to her efforts.

An entrepreneur, social activist, woman rights activist, philanthropist, motivational speaker and a politician, Shweta Shalini is a perfect representative of India’s New age leaders. She symbolizes the next gen Indian leaders, who are not always subsumed in politics and are innovative in their efforts.