Sidhu Shuts an AAPTard Journalist: Modi is & has been my Hero; No Contact with AAP

Siddhu image 1

Navjot Singh Siddhu was recently made a Rajya Sabha MP by Narendra Modi government. He, along with Subramanian Swamy, was among the 6 people selected to represent the NDA in the Rajya Sabha after the term of MPs elected by the UPA was over recently.

Here, in the video, you can see a reporter question Navjot Singh Siddhu about how it feels to be in Rajya Sabha. She also wanted to check if there is any dispute between Siddhu and Narendra Modi. She raised point about Siddhu’s wife being angry with the BJP.

She also asked Siddhu about his contact with AAP and if there was ever any option to switching to AAM AADMI Party.

Here’s how Siddhu responded:

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