A Simple Question to Manmohan Singh Which Every Nationalist Wants To Ask While He is Opposing Demonetisation

Congress is aggressively protesting against Demonetization. 8th November 2017 is the first anniversary of the historic change India went through under the Leadership of PM Narendra Modi. In a single master stroke, the government had attempted to tackle all three malaises currently plaguing the economy—a parallel economy, counterfeit currency in circulation and terror financing.

1. Boost deposit base and savings
2. Improve monetary transmission and reduce lending rates
3. Create room for further monetary accommodation
4. Ready, steady, now go: financial inclusion via Jan Dhan
5. Support government finances
6. Positive impacts from a bond market perspective
7. Rise in GDP growth potential

Were seven positive impacts Demonetization created as per blog of Rana Kapoor MD & CEO, YES Bank reference Huffpost.

Certainly demonisation have gained certain short term impacts and has many long term positive impacts on Indian economy. But then, there is Congress Party who in their last 10 years of tenure looted the country. Scams like 2G, Coal Gate, CWG destroyed Indian economy. Then, Prime minister Manmohan Singh under whom the scam happened is lecturing the current Prime minister Narendra Modi on negative impacts of demonisation on Economy.

Well, a simple question to you Sir Manmohan Singh, what were you doing when your cabinet ministers were looting the country. Are you not responsible for the scams happened under your leadership. Are you not capable enough to answer why didn’t you took any action against the ministers.

Hence, please do not try to preach your scam party agenda, people are well aware and for sure they don’t believe in you.