How this Single Step of demonetising 500 and 1000 notes Is a HUGE Blow To Black Money and all Anti-India Forces

A SatyaVijayi Exclusive

Taking the entire nation by surprise, PM Narendra Modi tonight announced a sudden demonetisation of Rs. 1,000/- & Rs. 500/- notes with effect from midnight. These notes will soon be invalid. This is a major assault on black money, fake currency, & corruption.

In his first televised address to the nation, Modi said people holding notes of Rs. 500/- & Rs. 1,000/- can deposit the same in their bank & post office accounts from November 10 till December 30.

New notes of denomination Rs. 500 and Rs. 2,000/- are introduced. This step is indeed a masterstroke in Curbing Black Money, Naxal activities & Terrorism. Wondering how? We will explain Step by Step.

modiThe Crackdown on Black Money

Many people, including politicians, keep several crores’ worth of unaccounted black money in the form of cash at undisclosed locations. Since the amount is huge, they would have definitely been kept in Rs. 1,000/- or Rs. 500/- denominations. Obviously, this must not have been in the form of Rs. 100/- notes.

These people are certainly in a fix. If they deposit the money in a Bank, they will get exposed, & will not only have to justify the source of the income, but also pay 30% tax on it. Also, the Income Tax Department will be alerted. If they keep quiet, then after 30th December, all these notes will be used only as paper napkin.

One might ask, then, why are the same Rs. 500/- & even larger denominations of Rs. 2,000/- are being introduced? Won’t it lead to the same thing again in the next 5-10 years? But the answer is in the form of a feature in the new notes that will make it very difficult to store black money. The current stash (soon to be demonetised) has been pocketed by many people for generations! As the PM said, after 30th September, he will take massive steps to hold black money holders accountable. This is a great step.

How this Crackdown on Black Money will be The Beginning of the End of Many Anti-India Elements

1. India’s #1 Enemies – Pakistan and Bangladesh:

It is well known to everyone that a HUGE amount of fake notes are being circulated from Pakistan to India through multiple means. Their famous route is via Aksai Chin, to Nepal, followed by Darbhanga (Malda in case of Bangladesh) and from there on, rest of the country. This money is definitely going to be used against India by nurturing Naxals, terrorist Sleeper cells and funding Jihadis to wage a proxy war against India.

With this great step, the machines printing Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1,000/- notes are now not even worth Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1,000/- respectively. We are sure that there will be no machine printing Rs. 100/- note as it will be of a small denomination. New notes cannot be printed as they have state-of-the-art security features and the raw material for replicaiton is not available in the market. Even if new fake notes do get printed, it will be very easy to detect them.

2. Jihadi and Maoist Terrorists:

Naxalism and Terrorism in our country is mostly funded through hawala channel mostly through cash. Such huge amounts to procure weapons and arms is usually cash in denominations of Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1,000/- notes. Lots of Jihadi and Lal Salaam sleeper cells are nurtured by this hawala money.

With this one solid step, all the money circulationg in antinational activities like terrorism and naxalism is now scrap. They need to accumulate and start afresh, in fact, ZERO! This will make life very difficult for the expremists. Losses will definitely be huge for Jihadi and Maoist Terrorists. Therefore, this is just the beginning of the end of Lal Salaam and Jihadi hawala rackets and Sleeper cells, in short, the beginning of the end of Terrorism in India.

3. NGOs:

Many NGOs in India are subsidiaries of international NGOs. Some of these are extremely notorious. Amnesty International, Ford Foundation, & (worst of all) Clinton Foundation are a few of them. The Indian subsidiaries receive funds from abroad to start their social entrepreneurship. They then collect funds in the name of poor, kids, women, disabled, minorities, etc. The latter usually remains unaccounted in the form of black money.

We all know the way they use this. The top brass of these NGOs are usually seen in Cocktail Parties, Five Star Hotels, Jewellery Stores, & Business Classes of commercial airlines. The left over money is used to push their cultural and political agenda against the country under the garb of charity, help, or activism. Now, with today’s masterstroke, the PM has reduced all funds lying in their coffers to papier mâché. Now the NGOs will have to either reveal the black money & come into the net of IT Department or use those notes as toilet paper after 30th December.

4. Religious Leaders & Evangelists:

Christian Missionaries & Islamic Evangelists, such as comedian Zakir Naik use large amounts of cash to carry out their forced conversions. There is an abundance of dhongi babas who wear saffron attire, but malign Hinduism. They have several crores in their “ashrams“.

The Christian & Islamic evangelists lure poor uneducated people into conversion by giving “incentives”. This is often in the form of cash. Strict FCRA Regulations have cut off their foreign funds from the Vatican and the Middle East respectively. They were left with only those 1,000/- & 500/- Rupee notes which, unless revealed & deposited in a bank, are now pieces of paper.

5. Cash Stashed Away in India & Abroad:

A lesser known fact is that large amounts of cash are usually stored in safe havens in India & abroad. These are not converted into another currency. Often, this money moves from place to place as per requirement (Refer #6). Unless needed, this black money is kept in its hiding place & taken out only at the time of need.

However, most people who have such kind of money will probably not even bother to take them out of the hiding places. This money will now only be used to light bonfires this winter.

6. Political Parties:

Elections are approaching in 3 major states, including Uttar Pradesh, where money & blood, both flow rapidly. Reliable estimates are that BSP & SP have together stashed up around Rs. 400-500 Crore to use in these elections. Surveys & Sting Operations in the past have revealed that a voter usually gets Rs. 500-2,500/- from each party during elections.

Today’s announcement was most shocking for Behenji Mayawati & Netaji Mulayam Singh Yadav. Now, with money power eliminated completely, the oncoming elections will be fought (notwithstanding false promises, media hype, & political gimmicks) on merit & merit allone. This is the true vision of Narendra Modi.

6. All Illegal Rackets:

Several social evils in the country are run entirely on cash. These rackets are full of carnality, depravity & violence. I’m talking about drugs, alcohol, human trafficking, prostitution, cricket betting & match fixing, etc. Whether it is Drug lords, bookies, or pimps & godfathers, all their money is now waste. For the time being, they will all be in a deep fix as their business will not run. Some will go out of business. This will result in control, if not complete eradication, of these rackets.

7. Other Assorted “Elite” People:

I will not be surprised if Bollywood Stars, Senior Babus, Five Star Journalists, Page 3 Celebrities, “Stud Farm” Owners, real estate giants, etc. start a big intolerance drama in the near future. Some of them might have had a lot of black money stashed away. Naturally, they are hurt as now, all their cash is turned into scrap.

There might be a few heart attacks and suicides because of the huge losses. The suicide vultures such as Rahul Gandhi & Arvind Kejriwal will probably blame PM Modi again. Businessmen from opposition parties might also make a huge issue out of it as elections are approaching. And their funds might already be on their way from their hiding places in Rs. 1,000/- & 500/- denominations. Now, they are only good enough to be used as toilet paper.

As promised while taking the oath, & on other occasions, such as Mann ki Baat, TV Interviews, Public Meetings, etc., the PM has taken stern action against Black Money holders. He had warned them several times during the IDS. Those who have not paid tax within the 30th September window were bound to face stern action. And they did. No matter how much you cry foul & blame Modi, but Black Money Holders, you called this upon yourself!

An innocent party affected by this is housewives. Now, they will have to reveal all their assets to their husbands! 😉

Anand Iyer &
Sumit Agrawal