Sixth standard girl dies in Tamil Nadu missionary school, but the teachers kept praying instead of rushing her to a hospital

A sixth standard girl student in a covent school of Tamil Nadu’s Kanyakumari died due to Irresponsibility and superstitions of the teaching staff and other administration members. According to reports, the girl named Kavya fell unconscious in the school after vomiting. However instead of rushing her to a medical facility or providing basic fast-aid, the teachers decided to sit down and pray.

Kavya was provided medical attention only after her mother reached the school and rushed her to a hospital. That, however was too late. The doctors at the hospital declared her dead. They said that the Girl’s brain cells were leaking and the delay in treatment took her life.

The school administration though still had excuses to justify its utterly Irresponsible and unscientific actions. “Had the patents asked us to admit the child we would have done that. But we did not receive any such instruction and so we did what we knew,” said Lettishiya Johnson, the school’s correspondent.

Meanwhile, people on social media lashed out at the school administration and demanded legal actions against them.” A child vomited & fainted in a Christian school. The teachers started praying for her, instead of calling an ambulance. The child died of cerebral hemorrhage. This is criminal negligence, but nobody will question the minority-run school. All for political correctness,” said a twitter user named Priya Raju.

It remains to be seen whether any actions are taken against the school for negligence.