Skyrocketing Pessimism Over Statue of Unity is Nothing But Detrimental

Recently, I happened to stumble across a Washington Post article which painted the world’s tallest statue – a record which goes out to India – in a detrimental and condescending manner. The articles had overtones of a typical social justice crusader stating that it reflects “PM Narendra Modi’s ego” or “fascism”. Also, it included low blows and ad hominem about how one needs to strictly adhere to the Maslow’s Law’s of Heirarchy while making decisions as mundane as innaugurating a statue.

It’s high time these American liberals with their hired Indian mouthpieces stop interfering with their ideologue if they really want to prove they are liberals. India is a nation which was long riddled by socialist outlook towards life and its but natural to see people to resent any development as a secondary option before creation of social infrastructure. If an African nation dedicated such a tall statue to their freedom fighter, it would be a monument of global importance and no one would have questioned it right now. Anyone questioning their motives would have been termed “racist”, so aren’t Washington Post racist by the same definition?

Let’s begin with the size. This statue is two and a half times the size of Statue of Liberty and not four. You can go and check in any website, its stated that the Statue of Unity measures 240 metres (just more than twice that of Statue of Liberty which is 93 metres) except The Washington Post. The Washington Post describes it as four times the size.

It’s sad to see that a mere construction is hailed as a “far right propaganda”. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (the person whose statue is created) was the architect of India. He was the very reason why all the princely states incorporated into the nation of the independent India. A tribute to him was nothing but long overdue and now that a 182 metre tribute is paid back, its being…criticised?

The socialist mindset of Indian populace cannot fathom that poverty is no reason why a statue cannot be built. Motherland Statue of Russia or former USSR was built when their economy was worse than our current economy. Even the epitome of socialists did not follow the advice of current socialists who have been incessantly going over the internet around saying “Wouldn’t it be better if there was a hospital in that place?”

First of all, why do people ask “instead of” INSTEAD OF “along with”? When they’re confronted with facts that a world class hospital close to the statue would be of much help if tourists seek emergency medical attention, these get back to their wormholes. Irrespective of the people who think “in place of”, rationality tells us that this statue isn’t in Ahmedabad or Surat so this brings opportunity to our healthcare sector but again, “our socialist mindset”. Also, the place didn’t recieve enough investment because it wasn’t at par with other Gujarat cities like Ahmedabad or Surat so this statue will also work against regional imbalance of the very state. There will be new restaurants, hangouts and other such recreational spots beside the statue which would bring employment to many. Why are we forgetting the people who built this statue and will be there for further maintenance? Besides, its made out of a material which isn’t feeble like “white marble” which needs to be protected – so much that we normalise halting any potential industrial growth for the enhancement of our GDP to save the “overhyped white marble”.

By now, you might have known that the overhyped white marble which I was referring to is Taj Mahal. The very Taj Mahal was created by Shah Jahan for his love towards Mumtaz, right? But Mumtaz died when she was delivering Shah Jahan’s fourteenth child and Shah Jahan also went on to marry Mumtaz’s sister because her appearance “reminded” him of Mumtaz. I don’t see any “love” in this, do I? But we acknowledge the fact that the Taj was a reason why a thousand other industries were also created thus contributing to our nation’s GDP (even if it cancelled out a number of companies along with employment opportunities citing environmental concerns) and in the long run, the cost of eliminating such factories will definitely be recovered.

Again, the statue was The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Rashtriya Ekta Trust (SVPRET) along with Larsen and Toubro in PPP, hence the very notion of the statue being labelled as the Prime Minister’s ego is again quite wrong. It’s a state venture and the trust has also looked forward to the welfare of the people. If we witnessed a commoner labelling the statue as a PM’s ego, we would attribute to his lack of information but when Washington Post and other Indian liberal brigade attribute this to the PM, all we can do is throw our hands in the air and sigh.

Back in 1947, India’s life expectancy (32) was lower than African continent average (38) and poor and Taj was our poor man’s only showpiece to the world but why now? It is better if we get rid of our collective socialism or rather I would put it as collective pessimism and take our time to admire the architectural marvel, and the opportunities it will bring about.

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