Slain journalist Gauri Lankesh’s brother campaigns for BJP in Karnataka elections, blames Congress for her death

Indrajit Lankesh, the brother of journalist Gauri Lankesh who was murdered in September last year, is campaigning for BJP in Karanataka. Gauri Lankesh was shot dead on 5th of September last year outside her house in Bengaluru. Well known for her leftist anti-Hindu stand, the left blamed BJP and other Hindu groups for her death.

But in an interview her brother, Indrajit revealed that left-wing extremists were sending her death threats. She was working towards rehabilitating Naxalites by bringing them into the mainstream. As a result some Naxalite groups were against her. She had received numerous hate mails and letters. Indrajit called her murder a failure of the Congress government led by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and held them responsible.

Indrajit is now campaigning for the BJP candidate from Malleshwaram, Dr Ashwath Narayan for the Karnataka elections. Regarding his support for the BJP candidate, he said “Dr Ashwath Narayan is a good friend; I know him personally. He’s a well-read man and it was nice campaigning for him. I think he will win with a huge margin,” reported Firstpost. He further added that he does not identify with a particular ideology, but recognises with Dr. Ashwath. He also praised PM Modi.

While his sister, Kavita said, “I’m not a political person. My father was mostly Left-oriented; my sister followed the same path. I was always with her in terms of moral support. But everybody has a right to choose their own path. I have nothing against Indra; nothing for it either. We’ve always sailed on different boats. Whether we agree or disagree is not the question, but we’ve taken different paths. If I agreed with him, I would have stood by him.”

She further added that Gauri’s murder was politically motivated due to her vocal criticisms of the RSS. But her brother, however blames the Siddharamiah government, “I don’t know if it was the Right-wing or the Left-wing (who killed Gauri). What I know is that the Siddaramaiah government was responsible. It is an example of a complete failure of law and order. I blame the Siddaramaiah government for my sister’s death” he said, adding that the chief minister should have given her protection, as she was “working with the government to bring Naxalites into mainstream society,” he said.