Slowdown? MNC tech firms are hiring thousands

After the demonetization, many economists have been telling that the bold move taken by Narendra Modi Government has been a disaster for the Indian economy. Many news channels have started this rant right after Modi government took charge but the actual figures are telling a side of the story that is different.

According to TOI latest report, many technology MNCs in the country continue to hire employs in large numbers.Accenture, Capgemini, Oracle, IBM, and Goldman Sachs are hiring in hundreds, some in thousands.

Accenture has 5,396 job openings in India, more than four times the openings in the US and more than 12 times that in Poland and Philippines, its other major hiring locations. French IT major Capgemini has 2,649 job openings for India, 55% of its worldwide hiring, according to the company’s website.

Oracle has 1,124 open positions for India. TOI reported last week that e-commerce giant Amazon was in process of hiring thousands in India.Their website currently lists 1,208 open positions.

Other major hirers include IBM (675 open positions), Goldman Sachs (320), Dell (285), Microsoft (235), Cisco (229), and French bank Societe Generale (185). The openings are periodically refreshed, so the total hiring in a year could be significantly more.