Dr Sofiya Rangwala’s Post is perfect slap to Media, Award Wapsi and Kejriwal on Dalit Suicide

Dr Sofiya Rangwala, who is a dermatologist practicing in Bangalore has slammed Kejriwal, Media and Award Wapsi Brigade including Bollywood in her latest Facebook Post. Below is what she quotes.


India is a strange country. Here politics are played on individuals who commit suicide, hang themselves (remember the farmer who committed suicide while Kejriwal kept watching shamelessly), a man from minority gets killed over an internal feud and for all such incidents pertaining to individuals, government and majority Hindus are blamed conveniently. Media goes ballistic, awards are returned, fake Bollywood heroes start to feel afraid and brand the country as ‘intolerant’. But when an entire city is burnt by 2.5 lacs of people, everyone goes mute except one main stream media like Zee TV and people like us, who try to highlight the rising jihadi activities in the country.

Stop making the so called Dalit student, (who may have belonged to OBC) seem like he was a victim and make him a hero for nothing. He committed suicide and he alone knew best why he did that. I have no sympathies or judgement against him. Each to their own. Some people are fighters and beat the challenges in their life, while some choose to take the way of death. The matter should just end at this.

Here is the original post done by Dr Sofiya.

Sofiya Rangwala – India is a strange country. Here… | Facebook