Some from the Congress had brainwashed our family to not join Prime Minister Modi’s nomination team in 2014: Grandson of Ustad Bismillah Khan

Ustad Nasir Abbas, the grandson of shehnai maestro late Ustad Bismillah Khan has alleged that in 2014, Congress had brainwashed their family to not be Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s proposer from Varanasi. In a letter to the Prime Minister, Khan has further expressed his wish to be present when Narendra Modi files his nomination for the Varanasi parliamentary constituency in the ensuing Lok Sabha polls.

“In 2014, we received an invite from the Bharatiya Janta Party but we had no knowledge about politics at that time as we are musicians. Also, some members from the Congress had brainwashed us and asked us not to join Prime Minister Modi’s nomination team. Due to this, my family had rejected the invitation. Later, we regretted the decision as we had refused the honour given to us by the Prime Minister of this country,” Abbas said while speaking to ANI.

He added, “If he (Prime Minister) will allow and offer us to come and be a part of his nomination, we will be more than happy to accept it”.

Regretting his family’s 2014 decision, Abbas stated: “If someone is giving you respect then you should take it. It was the biggest mistake that we didn’t accept the offer. So far we had no talks with the Prime Minister. We want to continue our father’s legacy and lead a happy life. It would be our pleasure to become a part of the Prime Minister’s nomination team.”

“Modi has done a lot for our country, especially for the development of Varanasi. I have full faith that the Prime Minister will definitely invite us to his nomination ceremony,” he said adding that he had donated a shehnai of Ustad Bismillah Khan, in accordance with the government’s wish for a display at the Varanasi Trade Facilitation Centre and Craft Museum.

Speaking about the relationship his grandfather shared with the Congress, Abbas said: “My grandfather was with the Congress because it was the party formed during the independence movement and it has ruled the country for a long period.”

Prime Minister Modi is set to file his nomination for Varanasi constiuency on April 26.

Varanasi will go to polls on May 19 and the counting of votes is scheduled for May 23.