Sonu Nigam’s candid compliment, PM Modi is the best candidate for 2019

Singer Sonu Nigam has openly opted for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and also commented on Congress President Rahul Gandhi. In an interview to News Channel Network 18, Sonu Nigam has openly admired Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

On the question of Rahul Gandhi’s prime ministerial position in 2019 he said, PM Modi is better candidate than Rahul. Sonu Nigam also said that Narendra Modi would be the best choice of PM candidate.

Sonu Nigam sympathized with Congress President Rahul Gandhi and said, “According to me, of course, I do not like it. The way people make fun of Rahul Gandhi, I think that someone like Pappu -Pappu, Who are you to say this, I would like to say before that let me tell you that I do not like to read Jokes about Rahul, In a decent society, you can not make fun of anyone.”

  • Narendra Modi is better candidate than Rahul Gandhi for PM in 2019.
  • I dont like anyone calling Rahul, Pappu.
  • Biggest danger is to the world from only India.

Sonu Nigam was in praise of PM Modi,”Narendra Modi has presented an example. I was watching a video on television, where an American economist, He was saying that the biggest danger is to the world, not from China, not from Japan, but from India because of its growth. In a way our country definitely has made a stand on world platform, and I always want it to be that way.”

Sonu Nigam further said, “There are some things like this, I am also, of course, a human being like you and a citizen of the country, I think that the ban was a quick decision. We are not in business but our friends have suffered a lot in going through GST, But the intention behind him was not wrong, my friends also say, we have a lot of problems but the intention was right, The Government was right. And the wise man will say that, he has done well. Yes, the trouble has happened to the country lets see what happens next, Maybe it can happen in a year but he proved to be the best man and he would be the best choice for the prime minister.”

Earlier Sonu had been in the headlines for several days in protest against the loud speaker playing for Ajan in the mosque last year. In the protest, Sonu Nigam had also shaved his head for the same.