Sonu Nigam Insults Kali Maa; Twitter Users react

sonu nigam tweet 5

Sonu Nigam, on 16th of August, failed to follow the old saying that we have in India of “Fate me Taang nahi adani chahiye”. He came to the defense of Radhe ma and in the process, insulted Goddess Kali. As expected, Twitter users did not take lightly to it and reacted angrily. Below are some of the tweets which show how twitter users got angry over this insult. We hope some action is taken against Sonu Nigam in this matter.

But first, here is what Sonu Nigam actually said:

sonu nigam tweet 1

Now, here are the reactions to these tweets by Sonu Nigam.

Sonu NIgam tweet 2


Sonu Nigam tweet 3

sonu nigam tweet 4

sonu nigam tweet 5

sonu nigam tweet 6

sonu nigam tweet 7

What do you want to say on this one? Is Sonu Nigam right? Or should he be punished for offending the religious sentiments of people? Comment below.