Sonu Sood helping poor to make Sena-NCP-Cong Govt look bad, he’s BJP agent: Conspiracy theory floats on social media

Bollywood star Sonu Sood finds himself under fire for lending a helping hand to the needy people during the lockdown. Many people on twitter who are apperantly supporters of the Congress party, have come up with bizzare conspiracy theories about him being a BJP agent. Some even alleged that his relief works are in fact nothing but an attempt to defame the Shiv Sena-NCP-Cong led Maharashtra Government by showing them in a poor light.

The conspiracy theorists have raised suspicion on how Sonu Sood is arranging all the permissions for his relief work when allegedly others are having a lot of problems in satisfying the administration. According to them, the very fact that he is being able to function so smoothly is more than enough to establish an alleged link between him and the BJP. They also pointed to a dubious report by the Cobra post in which it was claimed that Sood along with some other Bollywood actors had agreed for paid political endorsement.

One twitter handle by the name of Bruce Vain wrote a thread on “Why @SonuSood will join BJP in the near future.” The thread tries to establish a relation between Sood and BJP saying that the actor was recently praised for his work by Minister Smriti Irani. It further suggests that all his work for the people could be an attempt to point at the government’s failure in Maharashtra, a state where BJP recently lost.

Similar questions were raised by another twitter handle named Sanghamitra.

One twitter user went on to advice the Congress supporters to refrain from lavishing praises on him suggesting that he might join in the BJP later on.

While the conspiracy theorists keep coming up with more theories, one thing that they seem to be conveniently ignoring is that Sood is attracting praises and appreciations for his work from across the spectrum. Very recently Chief Minister of Punjab Captain Amrinder Singh who belongs to the Congress and Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik who belongs to the BJD, also praised him.

Sonu Sood has emerged as a real life hero in the lockdown period by arranging hundreds of buses for thousands of migrant labourers who were stuck in different regions of the country.