Sorry Barkha Dutt, but Hindus definitely are the victims of bias in India

Senior Journalist Barkha Dutt, recently in a video titled, “Are Hindus really victims of bias,” argued that there is nothing like Hindu victimhood in the country. Throughout the video, Dutt made several strong remarks.

She said that Hindus can’t be victims because both the major political parried of the country, BJP and Congress are vying for their votes. At the 2:51 minute of the video, Dutt went on to boldly state that “Hindus or atleast a section of them, are politically assertive, aggressive, emboldened, everything but victims!”

Barkha Dutt is completely entitled to her views and I respect it. The Indian constitution grants her, and as a matter of fact, all citizens of the Indian Republic, the right to voice their views and opinions without any fears. Just as Barkha Dutt exercised her freedom of speech and expression through the video, I would also like to exercise mine to refute her arguments.

So the question here is, are the Hindus victim? My short answer would be, yes, they most definitely are.

The story of Hindu victimhood in contemporary times began with the partition, when thousands of Hindus from West Punjab and East Bengal had to flee from their ancestral lands to safeguard the lives of their children and honor of their women. People coming from luxurious havelis in Sialkot and Lahore, were made to sit on the footpaths of Amritsar and Delhi, that was the day, Hindu victimhood began in this country.

One can argue that I’m here playing the emotional card by digging out the episodes of partition for which the modern Indian institutions  can’t be blamed. But then what one has to say to those whose ancestral land is still officially a part of the Indian land, but are having to live the life of refugees. What does one have to say to the Kashmiri Hindus? What are they, if not victims?

Time and again, the political powers of the country have shown that they would not shy away from taking the harshest of action against the Hindus, but not the same when it comes to others. Whether it is firing bullets on the protesting sages outside parliament or on Karsevaks in Ayodhya.

Bullets were fired at the crowd of karsevaks on two separate days in Ayodhya, in that unfortunate winter of 1990. The same system that killed hundreds of teenagers in the winter of 1990, fearing that they might damage a disputed structure in Ayodhya, remained almost in a state hibernation when teenagers of a politically previliged community desecrated the symbol of nation’s martyrs, in the summer of 2012 in Mumbai.

If there is absolutely no discrimination against the Hindus in India then with which audacity, does a state which proclaims itself to be secular, controls the religious institutions of one particular religion?

The argument that Hindus are not victims because both Congress and BJP are trying to woo them, holds no logic. BJP is a declared Hindutva party, their core-voters are Hindus so there’s no surprises with them. As far as the other big dog of Indian politics is concerned, it is the Congress government which on record had told the Supreme Court, that Lord Rama, revered by millions of Hindus across the globe, is an imaginary figure. The party would never muster the guts to say the same about religious figure of any other religion. Yes today the Congress is running behind for Hindu votes, not because they want to do so, but because they have been compelled to do so by the unity of Hindus.

The Hindus who were frustrated with the hostile approach of the entire system towards them and their faith, are increasingly getting united. It is an undeniable fact that Hindus have been victims of systematic bias, but is it also a fact that they no longer intend to remain the victims.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SatyaVijayi.