[SOS] Communal Violence in Paschim Medinipur: No Media Coverage !! Read The Truth

[SOS] Communal Violence in Paschim Medinipur: No Media Coverage

Source: The Frustrated Indian 

West Bengal was the site of another communal violence, on this occasion the site of the unfortunate event was Chandrakona Road, Satbankura, Paschim Medinipur. A distraught victim contacted us with information and hoped that we would spread the word and ensure that their screams do not go unheard. As is the norm, the news was completely ignored by the mainstream media and there will be no ruckus about growing Intolerance as there’s no scope for Saffron Terror here.

What apparently began as minor case of eve-teasing snowballed into a full scale communal riot where people from the Minority community plundered homes, mercilessly beat up members of the majority community and damaged goods which they couldn’t carry off with them. To make matters worse, the Police which was deployed when communal tensions arose ran off when the mob started attacking members of a particular religion.

According to our source, Paschim Medinipur has been rife with communal tensions for quite a while but it was the first time, riots have occurred on such a vast scale and innocents have been targeted to such an extent.

Jewelry and even valuables were looted and what couldn’t be carried off was damaged. Apparently, the Paschim Medinipur police was hardly of any help as they brushed aside the concerns of the victims with statements such as, “Just get out from here, it happens in Riots.” Our source was still scared when he wrote to us as he was not convinced that the police would defend them to the best of their abilities.

Is this the message we are sending out to our citizens? That the Secular State won’t protect them from mobs? Living in constant fear of mob violence and wondering when they will attack next? And what were the rest doing? When the mob of hundreds rained upon the neighborhood, instead of coming together to resist the violent onslaught, they gave in and watched their women get beaten and their homes plundered. It’s a shame that the government of West Bengal cannot protect its own citizens. It’s an even bigger shame that even in face of such calamity, the Police instead of performing their duty left a bunch of hapless citizens at the mercy of a mob.

As per other reports, loud speakers from mosques were heard announcing it was one of the last nights Hindus will know peace in the land and here on, they will be slaughtered. Allegedly, it was announced that Hindus should leave the place if they care for their safety. For anyone who cares to read the signs, the fate of Hindus in West Bengal seem to be the fate of Kashmiri Pandits if there’s no credible intervention. Like a person said on Twitter, Pakistan and Bangladesh are fixed accounts for the Jihadis and India is their joint account.

As the Demography of the Paschim Medinipur and around slides further against the Majority community, the reaction of the Political Establishment of the State has become amply clear as Mamata Banerjee took oath as the Chief Minister of West Bengal by the name of Ishwar and Allah. It seems she has evidently decided political vote bank is much dearer to her than the safety of Hindus in her state. And it’s appalling, not to mention suicidal, that a large section of Hindus continue to vote for her in spite of the numerous atrocities that are committed against their coreligionists without any attempt to curb the violence.

The Muslim population of West Bengal stands at just over 27% as of now and already, organized violence runs rampant against Hindus in areas where they have the considerable edge. And since the Police have made no effort to bring the perpetrators to justice, it can very well be assumed that they are under instructions to avoid strong actions as it might hurt the TMC Vote Bank. It’s an extremely unfortunate state of affairs that political parties sacrifice the safety of their subjects for mere political gains. Even in Malda Riots, there was extremely mild actions taken compared to the magnitude of the crimes that were committed.

Since the Secular State has failed time and again to secure the safety of its people against rampaging mobs, it’s high time that the Constitution is amended to make the purchase of firearms easier and people are given the right to bear firearms to protect themselves against the onslaught. Every citizen must have the right to defend themselves and since the eunuchs under the State Government have shown little desire to perform their duties, the State must make it easier for the citizens to own firearms for the sake of Self Defense. Recently, there was much hue and cry about Bajrang Dal organizing self defense drills but it seems it’s an essential necessity for communities in certain regions to organize themselves better so that they can resist the organized violence against them as the Secular State of India has clearly shown it shall not defend certain sections of its population for its own political mileage.

We demand that the State appoint an independent jury to investigate the full scale of the ordeal the victims were forced through. We demand that the State award the harshest of punishments to the Paschim Medinipur perpetrators. We demand that members of the Police who refused to discharge their duty of protecting the citizens of this country are held accountable for their negligence and punished accordingly. We demand that the safety of the Paschim Medinipur victims be immediately ensured so that they can move on with their lives peacefully. We demand that the edifice of Secularism built upon the tolerance of the majority community against Violence by the minorities is smashed to the ground. We demand that Trinamool be investigated for its role in the organized violence.

If the disease is not nipped at the bud, with an ever increasing Muslim population and higher than ever rate of radicalization of its population, we are looking down the throat of a potential Civil War. And those of us who seek to avoid such a catastrophe, we urge the State to act before it is too late. Or is it exactly what’s Trinamool is hoping for? That the Hindus are pushed into a corner where they have no choice but to retaliate and life is again breathed into the mythical beast of Saffron Terror.