Sourav Ganguly Could Be The Next BCCI Chief?

If one looks back at Indian Cricket History, Sourav Ganguly aka Dada was probably one of the most ruthless Captains that the team has ever had. One can hardly forget his shirtless antics at Lords, a man who made the dominating Aussie/English cricketers “bite the dust” on the cricket fields.

In this generation of Modern Cricket, one might look up to Virat Kholi as an aggressor who gives it back to any tough competitor, An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth one might say. But those days when it was called the Gentleman’s Game, especially with the likes of Sachin, Dravid, Laxman and Kumble, Sourav gave Indian Cricket a new rush of blood.

The man who made Dravid keep wickets, the man who brought in MSD and Harbajan is known not only for making tough decisions but also brings in the much needed results. To any cricket loving youngster born in the 1980s/90s, Dada was a magician and that is not alone with the bat.

If sources are right, he could probably be one of the top contenders for the BCCI Chief post. BCCI, which is in much need of a serious clean up, needs tough leaders like Dada.

Apart from being a cricketer himself, Dada’s witty lines in the commentary box are legendary, Who can forget this conversation that he had with Nasser Hussain:-

Nasser Hussain: When can I see India playing in a football World Cup?

Harsha Bhogle: It’s better not to participate rather than getting knocked out in the first round.

Sourav Ganguly: If India had played World Cup football for 50 years, then they would have qualified one or two times for the finals — unlike England!

Intial reports suggested that Sourav Ganguly might not quality and this has been confirmed by “Dada” himself. Reports suggested that administrators who have served the State Cricket Associations are not eligible to contest for the job without a cooling off period.

But now with new information gathered, it states that any administrator who has severed less than three years in the State Cricket Association qualifies to be a BCCI Chief. And we all know that Dada has been with Cricket Association of Bengal for only 27 months.

If the BCCI Chief Elections hold their elections in 9 months, which they are mostly likely to be the scenario, Dada could be one of the favorite choices.

So now the question arises, will we see Sourav Ganguly playing a different game together as a BCCI Chief? One can only wait and see how the Lodha Committee decides !!!