SPG raises concern with Mamata’s sudden rally close to Modi’s public meeting

The Special Protection Group (SPG) has raised security concerns after West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee suddenly scheduled a rally very close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pre-decided public meeting.

The SPG on Wednesday (15 April) wrote a letter to the West Bengal security establishment including the state DGP, highlighting that Mamata has suddenly decided to hold a rally at Achna which is about 3-4 km away from Prime Minister Modi’s scheduled rally in Mathurapur.

Even the timings of the rally are said to be clashing. This, SPG claims can result in a law and order situation as a confrontation between two groups of supporters cannot be ruled out.

What makes things more concerning is the fact that a couple of days ago a similar clash took place during BJP president Amit Shah’s rally when TMC goons decided to attack it.