Sri Lankan police arrests Pro-ISIS engineer Aadhil for being involved in the terror attacks, was also behind anti-India propaganda over the Kathua rape case

A Sri Lankan software engineer suspected by authorities in Sri Lanka of having provided technical and logistical support to the Easter Sunday suicide bombers has been taken into custody.

Four sources in Sri Lankan investigating agencies said they believed Aadhil Ameez, a 24-year-old, was the link between two groups that carried out the attacks on churches and hotels that killed more than 250 people and wounded hundreds more.

Pretty interestingly, Aadhil was being tracked by India’s National Investigation Agency for over three to four years for being an important messenger for the ISIS in subcontinent. Further this Aadhil was also involved in a conspiracy to defame India on international level using the Kathua rape and murder case.

A social media profile named, Aadhil AX which presumably was being handled by Aadhil Ameez had regularly been designing pro-ISIS posters, which caught the attention of the agencies. This profile had also designed a poster about the Kathua rape murder case, blaming Hindus for it. The link between this Pro-ISIS engineer and anti-India propaganda over Kathua, was exposed by Satyavijayi in an earlier story.

Aadhil, who describes himself on his LinkedIn profile as a senior engineer/programmer/web designer with a masters degree in computer science and a bachelors in political science from U.K. universities, could not be reached for comment.

He does not yet have a lawyer and under Sri Lanka’s tough new emergency laws imposed after the attacks, he can be held indefinitely.