Sri Lankan police launches hunt to arrest the Moulavi who had justified Easter Sunday bombings

Sri Lankan police has launched a security operation to arrest a Mouvlavi from the Island Nation’s Vavuniya city in Northern province, who had released a video clip via internet justifying the on Easter bomb attacks on Sunday.

When ISIS had claimed the responsibility of this attack, Moulavi Nouman, who leads the mosque at Pattaniechur in Vavuniya, had released the video on internet justifying the attacks.

Several Tamil organizations in Vavuniya angered by seeing the video and had reported to security sections. Although he belongs to the Pattaniachur mosque, he is living in Settikulam in Vavuniya.

When the police went to arrest him, his family had told them that he had gone on a pilgrimage to Macca. When police tried to apprehend wife of Mouvlavi two reasons have deterred it; one was his brother was a local politician and the other point was that the Mouvlavi had four legal wives.

At the moment, police had taken notes and started investigations to arrest him, while Mouvlavi had said in video that build an Islamic state is just thing and the struggle has commenced for that.