Sri Lankan Tamil, The everlasting vote bank of Dravidian Parties

Dramatic dialogues and Emotional Chest thumping by every Dravidian politician has always been the biggest invisible barrier in finding a viable solution/alternate to the SL-Tamil issue. Let us now look at a few such MELODRAMAS

Karunanidhi, the DMK leader says “It is my ardent desire to see the dawn of TAMIL EELAM in my lifetime”. For a party which has been part of the UPA for majority of its power, the DMK patriarch has always pulled right strings to obtain Telecom Ministry for the Dayanidhi Maran and following Maran’s resignation appointed A Raja in his place who is the primary accused in 2G spectrum case. He has also ensured that all his 3 children (Stalin, Alagir & Kanimozhi) are duly rewarded with top posts in the Party, Fertilizer Ministry and a RS seat respectively.

While all this happened we have never seen any political solution to the Tamil eelam by DMK except for inconclusive TESO meetings & few emotional letters to Congress President Sonia & Ex-PM Manmohan.

Seeman, Leader of Nam Thamizhar Party says “Give me half an hour in UN & I shall attain Tamil Eelam”. This coming from a leader who has never contested in any election so far but he doesn’t seem to miss an opportunity to send his protestors to Salman Khan’s house to condemn the support to SL-President Mahindra Rajapakshe.

The following leaders from tamil fringe parties, Thol Thirumavalavam Leader of Viduthala Chiruthaikal Katchi, P Ramadoss Leader of Pattali Makkal Katchi & Finally V Gopalsamy aka Vaiko Leader of Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam. handle the Tamil Eelam issue with Kid Gloves so as to ensure that there is no strong political will created yet the garner for their tamil vote bank is rock solid.

Ex-Chief Minister & Leader of AIADMK had ensured in March 2013 that the Tamil Nadu assembly had passed a resolution demanding a referendum for a separate Tamil Eelam but there has been no change in the routine of CM writing letters to the PM of India seeking interventions between India & SL.

The Eelam War (2006 to 2009) had seen some of the most horrific violation of Human rights and as per the committee set up SL-Government (Lessons Learnt & Reconciliation Committee), all crimes directly points to the Sri Lankan Army. Human rights violation by the LTTE was also noted by the same committee.

In spite of all these glaring evidences NONE of the DRAVIDIAN PARTIES have come forward and ensured that the Central government passed a strong resolution again Sri Lanka in the UN. Even though 23 countries have supported the resolution in UNHRC in March 22 2011 but what we fail to realize is that it was passed only after incorporating the words “in consultation with and with the concurrence of the government of Sri Lanka”.

The above examples clearly indicate that none of the above parties have the moral compass to judge how to handle the issues of the SL-Tamils for this should be only handled by a party in the National Interest of the country. The National party should look at this issue with border sensitivity rather than an Emotional out cry for the Tamil population. Nationalization of this issue by creating awareness of this all across India will help garner more vocal support for this rather than keeping it in the regional limit of Tamil Nadu.

In short how does a Government put an end the SL-Tamil issue on a point by point agenda ?

1) Firstly it should have the political will to solve the problem rather than worrying about the Tamil vote bank.

2) The state government must intend to work in collusion with the centre rather than fighting over taking credit for the smallest achievements like the release of Indian fishermen.

3) Ensure that presence of LTTE and pro LTTE outfits are completely wiped out from the country & especially in the state.

4) Proper rehabilitation of SL-Tamils who have landed in India.

5) The external ministry should ensure that India has a robust Financial ties with the SL government.

6) India should be act as the Dominant partner in SAARC so as to ensure it can play the big brother role at all times to ensure there is lasting peace in Sri Lanka.

7) Only by showcasing the power of India will SL learn not to mess with the SL-tamils and will ensure a fair treatment of SL-Tamil citizens on the same terms with the Sinhalese.

Now since we have PM Narendra Modi at the Centre, with change of guard at the state, maybe a new BJP led government could provide a long term solution in the SL-Tamil issue and its high time we get a change of perspective to the existing ideologies of the DRAVIDIAN parties.