Sridevi, The Legendary Superstar who cannot die..!!

Naa jaane kahan se aayi hai, naa jaane kahan ko jaayegi………
I remember dancing relentlessly to this song, shimmying and shaking, copying the diva who made this iconic on screen. Such was she, such was her screen presence that even small children like us couldn’t help but copy cat her! And then say she’s dead today! How can she die, when she continues to enthrall us and will continue to do so for generations to come.

Shree Amma Yanger Ayyappan was born on 13 August 1963 in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu. Born to rule the screen, the actress started her acting career as a tiny tot 4 year old. Before she made it to Bollywood with her debut movie Solva Sawan, the lady was already a superstar down south with films like 16 Vayathinile, Premabhishekam and Moondram Pirai to her credit.

As Nehalata/Reshmi of Sadma, her second movie in Bollywood, she made everyone swear by her acting skills, with the movie getting a cult status in Hindi cinema despite being a commercial failure. But success couldn’t be away from Sridevi for long. She finally tasted success with Himmatwaala, paired opposite Jeetendra. What followed was a life of popularity and adulation with an illustrious body of work. In the 80s which is regarded as the darkest phase of Bollywood, Sridevi was the numero uno actress, who could carry the film on her shoulders. Such was her enigma that she earned the epithet of being the first lady superstar of India.

After 15 years of hiatus into marital bliss and motherhood, Sridevi made a comeback in a way only Sridevi could. Content driven, packed with powerful performance, the movie English Vinglish, reinstated the fact that why Sridevi was the first female superstar of India.Though the lady was here to enthrall us more, her journey was cut short by her untimely demise.

She might not be present in person before us, but she is definitely not dead, because Chandni cannot die.