St. Stephens college sends warning letters to those teachers who opposed growing influence of Church over the institution

The St. Stephens college teachers who opposed the decision of having a represtative of the college’s supreme council in the admission panel, have now been served warning letters by the principle.

The Supreme council primarily consists of members of the Church of North India and members nominated by it. The move is being seen as a move to further Church’s influence over the institution.

In the meeting that happened on March 14 this year, the Governing Body had taken a decision that Church of North India (CNI) applicants go up from 22.5% to 25% of the total 50% seats reserved for Christians and that each department will have an entrance test for admissions. However, the dissenting teachers have denied having any discussions on these matters in the Governing Body meet.

Denying the allegations made by teachers, the principal has now issued a warning letter stating that what has been portrayed as a unilateral decision by the principal was taken by the Supreme Council which is the sole power to decide on the admission policy of St. Stephans, which is a Christian minority college.

The letter further states that the said guidelines were duly reported in the Governing Body meeting in the presence of the teacher’s representatives.