Stabbed Police Commando Bare handed Fights 4 Armed Red Terrorists and makes them run away

NAGPUR: A C-60 commando police naik aged 33 Gomji Mattami, posted at Gadchiroli headquarters near nagpur, has taken half in as many as encounters as his age whereas serving within the district police since 2006. On Sunday, he proved that even bare-handed and with a stab wound within the chest, he may get the higher of 4 Maoists at Jambia Gatta in Etapalli taluka in Gadchiroli.

Gomji’s heroics, now being lauded across the police department, can fetch him a gallantry award next year as he not only managed to wrest back his AK-47 rifle and three magazines while blood was oozing out from his chest but also made the red guerrillas flee leaving behind the firearm and 10 live cartridges. In the injured condition too, Gomji id not rest at winning back his AK-47 but kept chasing the fleeing Maoists with a restrained firing in the busy market. The Maoists(Red Terrorists) belonged to an action team that, following their regular practice, had likely targeted a solitary cop to take away his gun and ammunition in a lightning attack.

It would be almost impossible to believe seeing a cheerful Gomji at the Orange City Hospital and Research Institute (OCHRI) that he has just escaped a near certain death. Had a pistol of one of his attackers not developed a snag while being pointed towards Gomji from close range, the story would have been different. An ‘Action team’ of Maoists, comprising four operatives in plain clothes, had surrounded Gomji when he was returning to Jambia Gatta police post after bandobast at the weekly market was called off. While rest of the squad had walked ahead, Gomji stopped to speak to a classmate in the market.

Gomji recalled his left hand, that he had put in his pocket, was grabbed from behind. “I used to be pinned down on the bottom earlier than may understand Maoists have been attacking me. 4 of them had surrounded me,” he stated. “One in every of them pulled out a pistol pointing at me and pulled the set off. It failed to fireside. It was all taking place in a flash,” stated Gomji, a local of Madska village round eight kms from the spot of the incident. “At this level, I used to be making an attempt to free myself whereas protecting a maintain on my weapon and magazines. I knew their intention was to gun me down earlier than fleeing with my weapon. I kicked the person with the gun which fell off his hand,” he stated. “All of the sudden one in all them stabbed me within the chest with a dagger. The ache loosened my grip over my weapon (AK 47) which he managed to grab and flee. I obtained up and started to run after them aiming to not enable them to run away with my weapon,” he stated.

“I pounced upon the one who had my AK and snatched it again after grappling with him. I then fired at them however needed to be cautious with so many individuals round,” he said.

Gomji’s vitals are secure as of now as per the latest information available

Source: ToI