My Stand on NEET – A Clarification

For the last 4 days my mobile phone is beaming with hundreds of investigations & questions through phone calls, SMS, Whats App, Facebook Messenger Messages & Twitter Tweets about a Tweet that I’ve made regarding NEET. It is unfortunate that people misinterpreted some of my tweets, taken it out of context and spread it as Anti-NEET stand across various social media platforms.

Though my Official Twitter Account (Blue Tick Verified – @SuryahSG) has a clear Disclaimer for years in the Description Section which reads as “Tweets RTs reflect personal views, not of party.”; I have decided to clarify few important things because of an opinion in SatyaVijayi, an Indian based political website, which has quoted few of my tweets out of context to what I’ve really intended to tweet.

On 19th April 2017 I wrote a Research Column for Swarajya Magazine titled “The Utterly Confounding And Corrupt Ecosystem Of Medical Education In Tamil Nadu”. The article ends like this “Therefore, it is time the students emerged from the silly politics played by the Dravidian parties and equip themselves to face competition from the rest of the country. The state government should create avenues to bring the poor and marginalised into the mainstream by providing sufficient coaching.”

The Research Column was about how Tamil Nadu’s students lack avenues to compete with the students from rest of India in Competitive Exams and I opine that State Government should create avenues to bring the poor and marginalised into the mainstream by providing sufficient coaching. Therefore, once the above Research Column is read one can clearly envision my stand towards NEET in clear and opinionated terms. I also state with facts the farce of Dravidian Parties claiming to help the downtrodden through the existing system of MBBS admissions in the state quoting the dismal statistics of entrants in MBBS seats from State Government run Schools in Tamil Nadu obtained by RTI.

Not only with the NEET-UG, I have in my Column hailed the great revolution done by PM Modi Govt. with regards to PG admissions in Medicine through NEET.

However after Tamil Nadu Government’s flip-flops regarding the NEET & false promises on obtaining exemption without taking any sincere efforts and my interactions with various students who wrote NEET & who did not & could not – I took a conscience call & formed an opinion that NEET should be exempted for Tamil Nadu for one more year. This was purely in the interest of students after careful & considerate listening and weighing of people from both the sides.

I’ve at various points expressed my views regarding NEET on my Official Twitter Profile which are as follows with Date, Time & URL of Tweets.

July 24th, 2017 at 2.01 PM I tweet “Kindly request BJP TN leaders @drtamilisaibjp @PonnaarrBJP @HRajaBJP @LGANESANBJP @VanathiBJP to call on PM seek exemption from NEET for TN.” to place a request to my BJP State Leaders to call on PM & seek exemption for Tamil Nadu from NEET for one year.

11th August, 2017 at 8.22 PM I opine about how a majoritarian side which has justice should triumph and also lay my full weight behind PM Modi since I believe he would definitely do anything and everything only in the interest of the people.

Meanwhile from 12th August late night till 13th August when I was in New Delhi for a personal visit; I’ve been getting repeated phone calls from various Districts of Tamil Nadu from parents whose children appeared for NEET & cleared the same. I was told by the parents that someone tipped off my mobile number to a Whats App Group(Presumably Pro-NEET) with words that I’m in Delhi & I’m assisting the Committee of Union Ministers Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman & Shri. JP Nadda that is taking a final call on NEET Exemption Ordinance. It is to be noted that I received more than 200 Calls in 2 days which I’ve again expressed via below Tweet.

August 13th, 2017 I am tweeting series of tweets with various possible options that could be done to serve justice to students of both the factions(Pro-NEET & Anti-NEET). In this I clearly reiterate my stand that for 1 year exemption from NEET has to be considered for Tamil Nadu only because of the flip-flops by the TN State Govt. by not making the stand clear & by not giving enough attention to coach TN students for NEET Exam.

Again on 13th August, 2017 I went on jubilation while still in Delhi after seeing Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman’s statements at Chennai regarding NEET Exemption. She had told the Press that Central Govt. would consider an Ordinance by TN Govt. for exemption of NEET for this year. Again in the same jubilation I was very particular that TN Govt. should stick with asking for exemption only for this year.

17th August, 2017 at 11.55 AM I opine about the mental agony being faced by students of Tamil Nadu without knowing which side the Supreme Court would rule in favour.

Therefore all the above set of tweets clearly states that I have always been consistent and clear on three issues.

1. Present chaos in Tamil Nadu regarding NEET is because of a lacklustre Government of Tamil Nadu.

2. There can never be permanent exemption from NEET.

3. Tamil Nadu should get an exemption from NEET for the current academic year.

Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman after taking oath as Cabinet Minister for Defence under PM Modi Govt. had to say about NEET fiasco where she said she tried all her best to seek an exemption from NEET for the current year in Tamil Nadu but she couldn’t do it. This shows her intent was to get an exemption from NEET for this year; does this stand of Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman make it to the list of Anti-Party or Anti-Government or Anti-NEET stand? Definitely No. Similarly, my stand of seeking exemption for the NEET for a year cannot make into the list of Anti-Party or Anti-Government or Anti-NEET. I had given the same inputs to 3 Union Ministers & 4 BJP National Leaders in my personal capacity while in Delhi between August 9th & August 14th of 2017.

Any miscommunication from my side that I’ve taken an Anti-Party or Anti-Government stand regarding NEET is highly regretted; the truth is just the opposite. I refuse to be accused of anything that I was never a part of. I request the media to clear the air on any such miscommunication.


SG Suryah

Cover Pic Source: DNA