Stand Up Comedian or Anti India Propagandist?

What comes to your mind when you think of the word Comedy?
For me, it means simply a laughing riot. Be it Charlie Chaplin, Lauren and Hardy, Tom and Jerry or Mr Beans, Mind your Language, these series brought out the best humour back in the day. They are still relevant and leaves the audience in splits even today.

I am very sure that there have been comedians in all languages over the years who have managed to give sheer happiness to their audience. I have named a few just because they are well known. When we are talking about comedy how can we not talk about the famous Bollywood comedians. Some of them played legendary roles and audience can never forget those characters.

As the saying goes change is evidnet in life. Through the years this genre too saw many changes. From simple and effective comedy we came to slapstick to ROM COMs. Nowadays it’s all about sexual comedy and making fun of Gods of a particular community.

Comedy back in the day was based on people’s behaviour and their observations and represented in a funny way. I was listening to a few stand-up comedians mocking the gods and Bravehearts of the country. They abuse the PM of the country.

Now criticising the govt for its policies ns reforms is natural and understandable however, what bamboozled me is how they pass derogatory remarks that about the humble background. They mock every festival celebrated and every great warrior who fought for the motherland.

Holi is just an excuse to rape girls, Karwa Chauth shows inequality, the elephant-headed God, Lord Ram was a male chauvinist and Draupadi enjoyed 5 men at one time calling Shivaji Maharaj dude. These comedians think it’s cool if they abuse gods and goddess and warriors like this will give them more traction and they can connect to people. They just don’t have any good content to make it funny for the audience. Now I don’t know if there is someone behind these scripts or they do it on their own. I mean if this is all propaganda-driven where they want to show the western world that how India is intolerant to such jokes. The fun part is they are absolutely terrified of making jokes on any other community or their leaders.

Another aspect is about the people who go to watch these shows and actually laugh at these unfunny jokes. Is the audience also organised by the people who organise these shows? Personally, I would never pay for such stuff.

Recently there has been an outrage about these comedian targeting a community with their cheap and unfunny jokes. They all came out with an apology saying we are sorry if we hurt anyone’s sentiments. This apology is just to pacify the outrage but when there is ”if” involved it means it’s not an unconditional apology. They don’t mean what they are saying. A very important point to be noted here is in all their apologies they have tagged twitter handles of Aditya Thackeray, MHO of Maharashtra and Raj Thackeray. The terminology used in the apology is similar and exact same handles are tagged. What does this mean?? Is this to mock the BJP? Is this some kind of an arrangement with the MahaVikasAghadi? Some of these stand comedian has come out saying their workplace was vandalised and without any inquiry or investigation, they have blamed the ruling party tagging BJP Mumbai or BJP India handles on twitter. They have not wasted time playing the victim card by saying they have received abuse, rape threats and life threats and all this is also done by the ruling party members.

What I fail to understand is all these so called comedians have deactivated their Twitter accounts, so my question is if you think you have not done anything wrong then why run away. Also what’s the point of saying about the threats on social media. If this is all true then go file a complaint against them and take a legal route or contact the police and get protection. Wouldn’t that be logically way to approach this situation?

I feel that how the anti-nationals and the left-wing had a meltdown when Tiktok was banned in India this is nothing different to that. These comedians are used to push their propaganda. And once they see that all their avenues are closing one by one they are unable to digest this. Only further investigation into this by MHO will shed light on the intent.

The author expresses her opinion on twitter with handle @curlykrazy07

Dislaimer: Pic only for represntation purpose and no comedian targeted