This Stray Dog Walked 700 kms To Sabarimala With A Devotee – Read This Heartwarming Story

The female canine that joined an Ayyappa devotee on his walk from Mookambika temple to Sabarimala has made her way into the Sannidhanam has found a new friend and family. This dog walked about 700 kms with Naveen to Sabarimala.


When Naveen initially spotted the dog during the course of his walk he thought this was just another stray curiously dog barking at a beard man. Naveen was on a by-foot single journey all the way from Mookambika temple to Sabarimala when ‘Malu’ joined him at Kasaragod. The Dog followed him for a couple of days and that he when he realized that there was something peculiar.


Malu, then accompanied Naveen till Sabarimala, for first few days she used to walk ahead of him and then she used to follow him sniffing. Their used to be days when Malu woke Naveen when he overslept on his way to Sabarimala. Naveen remembers how Malu used to guard his belongings when he used to go for bath keeping his belongings on the banks of river.

oon they were travelling together and reached Sannidhanam after several days of arduous walk. Naveen confesses that he was concerned if his canine companion will be let inside the temple.

When the duo reached Sabarimala she accompanied him till the holy eighteen steps and stopped when Naveen started climbing up. When Naveen returned after a couple of days from the main temple premises and reached the Pampa Ganapathy temple, Malu was waiting for him hungry and tired but hopeful of his return.

The minute she spotted Naveen he remembers she jumping on him with joy.


Naveen booked two tickets after convincing the KSRTC officials in Kerala and arranged to return home with his faithful friend. Naveen iterates how Malu slept as soon as she boarded the bus until they reached home. About 12 hours of journey. She now has become a part of their family and is attracting some curious visitors.