Students allegedly forced to listen Quranic verses in a high school of West Bengal

The West Bengal Government of Mamata Banerjee is again facing allegations of Muslim appeasement after a video showing Muslim cleric reciting Quranic verses in a high school went viral on the internet.

In the video that is going viral on the internet, a muslim cleric is seen reciting Quranic verses inside campus of a high school using loudspeaker whilst students are made to sit as audience. Allegedly the school is not any madrassa but a high school of Birbhum district.

Hindu right activist and former BJP leader Krishanu Mitra alleged that the video is of Nabi divas on 21/2/2018. He further alleged that students were forced to sit for the Quran recitation, “during school hours calling off classes.”

Twitterati has reacted strongly to the initiative of giving religious teaching in a high school and slammed the Mamata Banerjee Government for doing Muslim appeasement. However the government officials or ministers have not given any reaction to the video yet.

Many are also comparing this incident with the latest crackdown of West Bengal Government against RSS inspired and sponsored schools in the state. Recently the West Bengal Government announced shutting down of 125 RSS run schools in the state over allegations of giving religious education and teaching stick wielding instead of regular syllabus.

The government had further alleged that many RSS affiliated schools in West Bengal don’t even have NOC. “Some schools in Bengal are not in the accordance with the education syllabus. They have not received a NOC from us. We have stopped 125 and we are scrutinizing other schools too. Then only we will take any decision,” the education minister Partha Chatterjee had said.

However Jisnu Basu the secretary of RSS in South Bengal had denied Government’s allegations saying, “The schools that he is trying to close are providing students with good education and hygienic atmosphere. The government needs to focus on improving the standards of primary education in Bengal.”

People are wondering whether the state government will take similar action against the high school which made students recite Quranic verses in its campus.