Students in Kerala College Claim Principal Fed Them Beef Cutlet to ‘Satisfy his Ego’

A group of migrant students at CUCEK (Cochin University College of Engineering, Kuttand) has raised complaints of the college principal hurting their religious sentiments by feeding them beef without any warning about the food.

The students, who are have written to the district collector against the principal for serving them beef cutlet.

Principal of the college DR Sunil Kumar alleged that it were not the college authorities who had provided the snacks. He said, “It was a seminar on digital banking awareness, where the organizers had supplied the snacks and they were outsiders.”

However, the students have alleged in their letter that the principal had done this only to “satisfy his ego” as they had some issues on January 22, when the students organised Saraswathi Pooja on campus.

It is also alleged that Principal of the college is a supporter of ruling left and has a Marxist ideology