Students of Islamic school in Tamil Nadu’s Ambur protesting against Tamil, want to give their exams in Urdu

Students of a higher secondary school in Tamil Nadu’s Ambur have refused to write down their examination in the state’s native language, Tamil. Mazharul Uloom higher secondary school on 9th March witnessed widespread protests with more than 200 students reluctant to write their examination in any other language apart from Urdu.

To calm down the entire situation, District Educational Officer of Vellore himself had to intervene. The DEO listened to the grievances of the students and assured that their concerns would be forwarded to higher authorities. Only after DEO’s intervention, the students called-off their protest.

In 2006, The Government of Tamil Nadu passed an order to give importance to Tamil language in schools across the state. The government had said that the order would be implemented gradually with every passing year.

In 2018, a case was filed in the Madras High Court, against this order on behalf of the minority language speakers. Giving relief to those speaking minority languages, Madras High Court had granted exemption to students studying in linguistic minority institutions from taking compulsory Tamil examination in last year’s board exams.