Subramanian Swamy says nation’s democracy would weaken if BJP was left as single party, Mamata should become the leader of an unified Congress

Subramanian Swamy has always been known as a man who always speaks his own mind up instead of rigidly following the party line. He is a kind of person who never shies away from either criticising his own party, or vehemently lambasting the opponents. However, in a tweet on Friday, Swamy appeared to be doing both at the same time.

Swamy in his tweet claimed that nation’s democracy would weaken if BJP was left as “single party.” Swamy also claimed the Congress should ask the “Italians and progeny to leave”—in reference to Sonia Gandhi and her children—and then make Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee president of a “united” Congress.

Swamy tweeted, “After witnessing Goa and Kashmir, I feel that nation’s democracy will weaken if we are left with BJP as a single party. Solution? Ask Italians & progeny to leav. Mamata can then be President of united Congi thereafter. NCP should also follow and merge.”

Meanwhile in response to another tweet where an user asked on why Swamy doesn’t join the Congress and revamp the party in a “strong Hindu nationalist” mould, the BJP leader said that there is no alternative to RSS for clean politics and hence BJP is the best.

Swamy on multiple occasions has made his desire to become country’s finance minister, clear. Though he doesn’t seem to be the favourite choice for the post, atleast according to Prime Minister Modi.