Subramanian Swamy Says BJP Will Be Grateful To P Chidambaram After Gujarat Elections

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy had slammed P Chidambaram by calling him a ‘traitor’ for his comment on Jammu and Kashmir.

Swamy said, “Since he is about to land in jail soon, he is talking like a traitor.”

“He is talking like this so that some people from Kashmir cry for him when he is sent to jail”, he added.

P Chidambaram had said that based on his interaction with people in Jammu and Kashmir, most people want autonomy for the state and the Centre should consider providing the same.

He further advocated the demand for autonomy by saying that although Jammu and Kashmir should get all the protection promised under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, it should remain a part of India.

Chidambaram’s statement met with strongly-worded criticism, with Union minister Piyush Goyal, Smriti Irani And Subramanian Swamy.

Recently Swamy has tweeted that  “BJP will be grateful to PC after Assembly elections in Gujarat because his one statement has ensured BJP victory. Gujaratis are nationalists.”

See, how Twitterati reacted to it.

Union minister Piyush Goyal Tweeted saying that the time has come for ‘azaadi from the Congress.