Subramanian Swamy, the man who always lets his work do the talking, is now taking on the NGO heavy weight “PETA” directly in the Supreme Court. Jallikattu, the bull taming sport, has been part and parcel of Tamil Nadu’s cultural sport for several centuries. But now it is facing stiff opposition from NGOs like PETA and other social activists, who have their own secret agenda.

As always his avid followers who also called themselves as PTs (Patriotic Tweeples) were jubilant with his entry into the fray for Jallikattu.

The Bharatiya Janata Party suggested to the Supreme Court that it needed to be aware of the cultural significance of the festival of Jallikattu, and not question the Centre’s decision to go ahead with the bull taming festival.

“Worship of bull has been mentioned in Mahabharata period. We worship bulls. Since the bovine is used for agriculture, hence the Jallikattu is like a thanks giving ceremony for them. People sitting in the Supreme Court don’t know what Jallikattu is, but are making statements which are completely irrelevant,” BJP leader and National Secretary H.Raja

H Raja also blamed the previous Congress-led UPA government for “intentionally including the bull in the Performing Animals (Registration) Rules, 2000 list under the influence of American Christian NGOs.” “The BJP is for the smooth conduct of Jallikattu. The UPA government has intentionally included bull in the performing animals list under the influence of American Christian NGOs. They want to destroy Indian traditions,” he said.

Will the last minute plunge of Subramanian Swamy in the Supreme Court be able to save this cultural sport from being destroyed? Please provide your opinions as comments.