Suhel Seth corrected Tharoor’s English

Probably the people learned most of their English in 2017 from twitter and that’s just because of one man named Shashi Tharoor. Shashi Tharoor and his pure English tweets were one of the must see things on Twitter the entire past year. His English is so pure and tough that it makes normal English seem like kindergarten stuff. You would need a dictionary alongside to understand tweets of Tharoor and his Tharoorian English. But can you imagine that even Shashi Tharoor can make a grammatical mistake? Well possibility of that happening is equal to sun rising from West but believe me or not that did happen. Shashi Tharoor did make a grammatical mistake on the first day of 2018 after ruling the entire 2017 with his English.

It was Suhel Seth who showed unparallel guts to point out a mistake in Shashi Tharoor’s English as for the layman grammar is what Shashi Tharoor says, he is the authority of English.

The matter is that on 31st of December Shashi Tharoor made a tweet wishing everyone on new year. “Delighted to have 20,000 live viewers for my #FacebookLive at lunchtime on New Year’s Day! Those whom missed it can view it at leisure on….” he tweeted.

And then what happened next will go down in the history books as one of the greatest upsets in mankind’s history.
Suhel Seth who is known for his unconventional views actually pointed out a mistake in Tharoor’s English (still can’t believe actually). “Happy New Year. And those ‘who’ missed it?????? or those ‘of’ whom…???,” Seth tweeted in response to the politician’s tweet.

All hell broke loose afterwards. The netizens who were in a state disbelief couldn’t stop themselves from taking a jibe at the situation. After all this was an once in a lifetime thing. All those who understood that Shashi Tharoor made a mistake after reading Suhel’s tweet will live to narrate their grandchildren the story of Shashi Tharoor making a mistake in English. Everyone from your next door Pandu to Adnan Sami took a moment to witness one of the most significant events in human history.

We’re sure that Shashi Tharoor will hit back but when and where is something which remains to be seen.