Amma, Loya, Vemula: The Dawn of the Conspiracy Era

This article is based on facts which are in the public domain. And these facts will convince you that in this age of information and technology, we have unknowingly stepped into a new era. The conspiracy era! Right now our minds are focused on decoding the Justice Loya death case, sometime back it was the Amma death mystery.

There are always Bomkesh Bakshi and Sherlock Holmes series type conspiracies hatched by he-who-must-not-be-named and thrown open to the public to solve. These conspiracies make home in our gullible minds and trouble us more than the electricity and water bills we receive every month. Some high profile deaths in the country, in recent past, will make you feel guilty about your half baked intelligence. Despite the news anchors presenting all the evidence to you in their debates and newsrooms, you remain in a helpless position to solve them. Over a period of time, these deaths trouble you and result in insomnia.

To release your frustration, you take the help of social media, where millions of self-certified investigators would have already floated their theories, about the possible disappearance or conspiracy surrounding a particular death. This leaves you high and dry. You feel low on confidence because somebody has concluded and closed the case even before you could get to the bottom of it and understand its nuances. These closed files are tweeted and re-tweeted, debated and discussed. You feel lost !!!

Let us look at some of the select high profile conspiracies floated in the media, which might have disturbed us more than our own boss.

Demonetization: This is one major ‘buzz word’ which ruled our psyche throughout 2017. Even though the announcement was sudden and shocking and done by none other than the PM himself. He-who-must-not–be-named devised conspiracy theories that top industrialists, close to the government were aware of the move, months in advance. No proof to this effect has been found till date and we have all got along with our normal lives ever since. Some are still excitedly looking forward to host the newly launched 200 and 50 rupees notes in their pockets.

Triple Talaq Bill: This is one historic bill introduced by the Modi government, which aims at providing justice to Muslim women by criminalizing triple talaq. Had it been introduced in any other era, it would have been hailed as a social reform by everyone alike but in the current context he-who-must-not-be-named floated theories, that it was a cleverly designed conspiracy to divide the minority men and women. It was alleged to be an attempt to infringe upon the personal laws of minorities. The bill is stuck in Rajya Sabha.

Dr Manmohan Singh meeting Pakistanis: Even a generally silent and reserved personality like Dr Manmohan Singh had to object, and raise his voice, when he was alleged to have had a secret closed door meeting with Pakistanis, in the context of Gujarat elections. The allegation was made by none other than PM Modi. After a hue and cry was raised in parliament, the government made it clear that it had utmost respect for the Ex-PM. This shows that silence is not always golden; life breaks it anyway.

J Jayalalithaa (Amma) Death: Fondly known as Amma, the late TN CM breathed her last in Apollo hospital on Dec 5, 2016. She was in the hospital for months and reportedly died of cardiac arrest. Ever since her death, he-who-must-not-be-named floated conspiracy theories that the EX-CM might have been pushed by someone close to her in her Poes Garden residence. The motive, obviously, was to take control of the party and enjoy the power. A one bench judge is currently investigating the case.

Rohith Vemula Suicide: Though this Hyderabad University student committed suicide and left a suicide note stating that nobody should be held responsible for his death. He-who-must-not-be-named keeps the issues alive and treats it as a murder. We are made to recall this from time to time. Consistent efforts are made to portray that he died due to government’s apathy and indifference to Dalits. If the same keeps repeating, I have no doubt that the coming generations will remember it as a murder.

Justice Loya: The entire nation was abuzz on 12th January, about the press conference called by the four judges of the top court in the national capital. They silently protested the fact that sensitive cases in the judiciary were being assigned to junior judges. The CJI was being selective in assigning cases, they alleged. The liberal media, the opportunistic opposition, the chaotic social media, and the noisy newsrooms went into an overdrive and debated the repercussions. Some social media users spelled doom for the nation. They foresaw a direct threat to democracy. The nationalists sniffed a conspiracy by the judges to indirectly tarnish the image of the government. The presence of a journalist, Shekhar Gupta, who stood behind the judges and took notes during the press conference and the visit of D Raja to Justice Chelameshwar’s residence after the PC, raised many an eyebrows. I needn’t delve deeper into Guptaji’s image as a journalist and his track record. D Raja is a known politician and his affiliations are well known.

He-who-must-not-be-named, as usual, jumped the guns and stood firmly with the judges and fanned the spark of dissent by demanding a thorough investigation. He-who-must-not-be-named failed to realize that taking sides in such a sensitive issue may actually harm the democratic setup. BJP, on the other hand, has been neutral and categorical in stating that the judges are wise men and that the judiciary must resolve the issue internally.

Root cause of this sensational press conference was said to be the unhappiness of the judges over the assigning of a case involving late Justice Loya, a special CBI judge. Justice Loya was dealing with the Sohrabuddin encounter case. It was actually reported that the Judge died due to heart attack. For More details this news report can be read ______.

This case is as strange as it can get. He-who-must-not-be-named is demanding a probe into the death of a Judge who was investigating the encounter (dubbed as fake encounter by the opposition) of a person, whom the opposition believed to be innocent (but dubbed as terrorist by the government).

Despite the technological advancements and the dawn of information technology era, there are believable controversy theories surrounding the deaths of some of the prominent personalities, which include our Second Prime Minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Dr Shyama Prasad Mookerjee, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Sanjay Gandhi, Rajiv Dixit and more recently Sunanda Pushkar. Recently, attempts were made to create controversy surrounding the death of Mahatma Gandhi, by spreading rumors that a fourth bullet, not belonging to Godse, actually killed the Mahatma. In the midst of all this, let us take a moment and ask whether we as a nation are actually solving anything? Or feeding ourselves controversies which may intrigue us for generations to come! Now don’t start naming He-who-must-not-be-named. He likes to remain that way.