Supernatural yogic powers demonstration: world record created by Hindu Gurukulam kids studying under strict Veda-Agama system

Originally published in The Rational Hindu.

On the international day of Yoga, June 21 of 2017, the world silently (quite literally) witnessed a highly unusual world record, monitored and certified by India Book of Records (also related to Asia Book of Records).

For the first time in the known and recorded history of humanity more than 108 kids from a Hindu Gurukulam manifested Shaktis (powers) attributed to the awakening of the third-eye. In a systematic and scientific approach, monitored and approved by an independent ethics committee, the Gurukulam run and taught single-handedly by Paramahamsa Shri Nithyananda Swamiji demonstrated that 108 of its students are able to read any text with their eyes completely blindfolded.

The blindfolds were tested and checked by independent judges, monitored by India Book of Records, and so were the record-making participants for aids such as hidden speakers/ earphones, cameras and other such technological aids. In any case, having at least 108 channels of FM transmitters and receivers, without them cross-talking, at the same time and in the same place is a technical impossibility. Nevertheless, strict protocols were administered and standardised data-entry forms were used.

One of our team members was also present there as an independent observer and acted as a judge under the supervision of the said monitors and committees.

A further world record is to be made on the 8th of July 2017, a day before Guru Poornima. This time around 1008 children and adults will demonstrate a much wider range of special powers (Shakthis) manifestations to the world. This will be held, again, in the Bengaluru Adeenam, Swami Nithayanada Dhyanapeetam, Bengaluru.

Originally published in The Rational Hindu.