The Supreme Court of India Shatters Rahul Gandhi’s Corruption Allegation Against PM Narendra Modi

Congress VP Rahul Gandhi, who had been warning of an Earthquake Shattering claim against PM Narendra Modi, kick started his campaign in mehsana (Gujarat) today. Rahul, who had promised personal allegations of corruption against PM Modi made a few staggering claims in this election rally. The 2 key take away from his speech are:-

Claim No 1: He suggested that PM Modi did not allow him to speak in the Parliament

Counter No 1: It takes two to tango and this time the primary reason for the non functioning of the Parliament had been Congress and Congress Party alone. The Congress and Opposition parties colluded together to shift their goal posts and set different expectations on different days. This had completely confused both the ruling party BJP and people of India.

Although BJP joined in to aide the non functioning of the Parliament, it was done only during the last two days of the winter session. In-spite of the fact that PM was present in both the houses, Rahul Gandhi never used the opportunity to make this personal claim of corruption on him.

Claim No 2: As per this claim from Rahul Gandhi, he has accused PM Narendra Modi to get money from two companies. These companies are Aditya Birla and Sahara groups offices in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Counter No 2: On 16th December 2016, the Supreme Court of India made the following observations in response to a writ petition filed by Mr. Bhushan’s client and NGO, Common Cause.

“You are making allegations against the Prime Minister of the country… We cannot initiate an investigation just because a big man has been named by someone,” the Bench had cautioned Mr. Bhushan previously.

The Bench had in the past two hearings expressed its disinclination to entertain the petition. It had refused to intervene against the “high constitutional functionaries” till supplied with “the best material and clear evidence”.

Unfortunately for Mr. Rahul Gandhi, this claim had been dismissed by the Supreme Court Bench even before he made it. To make matters worse, TMC leader Derek O Brein and Congress Spokesperson Randeep S Surjewala want CBI to probe into this evidence given by Rahul Gandhi.

What these two leaders don’t realize it that, a case which has been closed by the Supreme Court Of India, cannot be probed and prodded for evidence. Even if it has been demanded by Rahul Gandhi…