Did Supreme Court really order Central Government to form Cauvery Management Board?

On the 16th of February 2018, the Supreme Court of India pronounced the judgement for Cauvery dispute case between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The court had directed the Karnataka government to release 177.25 TMC of water instead of 192 TMC. Tamil Nadu politicians are discussing about one more aspect of the judgement, they are suggesting that Supreme Court had ordered Central Government to form Cauvery management board within six weeks from the date of judgement. Tamil mainstream media have also developed their stories, discussions and debates on whether the Cauvery Management Board will be formed according to the Supreme Court judgement. Before analysing the statements of media, politicians and analysts, let us see what is there in the conclusion of the judgement.


The judgment concludes and orders that:

We direct that a scheme shall be framed by the Central Government within a span of six weeks from today so that the authorities under the scheme can see to it that the present decision which has modified the award passed by the Tribunal is smoothly made functional and the rights of the States as determined by us are appositely carried out. When we say so, we also categorically convey that the need based monthly release has to be respected. It is hereby made clear that no extension shall be granted for framing of the scheme on any ground.”

From this we can infer that, the Supreme Court had ordered the Central Government to frame “a scheme” to facilitate smooth sharing of water between the states according to the judgement of the court. The scheme that Central Government should implement within six weeks, it can be Cauvery management board or some other neutral scheme. Supreme Court had discussed about the Cauvery management board during the case but finally they have not order the Central government to orchestrate a Cauvery management board within six weeks. When the judgement says so, Tamil politicians and Media houses asking Central Government to follow Supreme court order by implementing Cauvery management board is completely out of logic. It is just a political stunt to portray that Central government is acting against Tamils by disobeying the mandate of Supreme court, which is not so.

Stand of Opposition Parties and AIDMK:

DMK working president, M.K.Stalin says that setting up an alternative to Cauvery management board is unacceptable. All other opposition politicians including the actor turned politician, Kamal Haasan asks to form Cauvery management board by obeying the order of the Supreme Court. Politicians can ask for the formation of Cauvery management board with full freedom but linking it with the judgement of the Supreme Court is just a political stunt.

Present AIDMK government in Tamil Nadu is voicing similar to the politicians of opposition and they also utter that the Cauvery management board should be formed according to the judgement of the Supreme Court. They also fail to convey the truth to people that Supreme Court had just ordered to implement a scheme, which may not be even the Cauvery Management board. AIDMK Government worries that the tide will be turned against them by opposition, media and social media if they utter the truth.

Media Bias:

BJP had said that there is no mention of forming Cauvery Management board in the final judgement of Supreme Court. This is a true fact but Tamil media is trying to change the complete narrative of the statement of BJP. This is how they conduct a poll to manipulate the narrative and change the tide against the government.


In the Supreme Court Judgement, BJP’s suggestion of no mention of setting up any Cauvery Management Board is:-

1) Lawfully Correct – 6%
2) Delaying Tactics – 12%
3) For Karnataka Elections – 82%

Facts cannot be changed into opinions and Media should say the facts clearly but they fail to do their job properly. Karnataka government is clear about the judgement and they say that SC did not talk about setting up of Cauvery Management board but only a scheme for ensuring proper release of water. The type of scheme that the Central Government will implement can be known soon as the deadline given by Supreme Court is nearing. The uncertainty and the vague views and statements of Tamilnadu politicians, journalists and analysts on Cauvery management board talks a lot about the cheap politics, media and social media of the state.