Supreme Court rejects TN Government plea to stay Pon Manickavel’s extension

The Supreme Court has dismissed Tamil Nadu Government’s plea to stay the extension provided by the Chennai High Court to senior police officer, Pon Manickavel.

A few days back, Chennai High Court gave an one year extension to officer, Pon Manickavel who is well known for his remarkable work in idol theft cases. The Chennai HC further trusted Manickavel with all the pending idol theft cases, which the government wanted to hand-over to the CBI.

Speaking to mediapersons after the court verdict, Manickavel said he would complete the probe within a year and submit the report in a sealed cover to the court.

Manickavel was given the responsibility of probing into idol theft cases in 2012. During investigation, he has recovered more than 1,000 idols, which could be considered a record in itself. He had also been extremely successful in catching several international idol smugglers such as Subhash Kapoor and Deendayalan. Furthermore he had conducted legal proceedings against several top government officials, in relation to the thefts.

However, in recent times his relations with the Tamil Government have not been on the best of terms. The government wanted to hand-over all the idol wing cases to the CBI. It has also voiced strong objections to the HC order of extending
Manickavel’s tenure and allowing him to continue the probe in his own style.