Sushma Swaraj helps a mother stuck in Malaysia with her son’s dead body

External affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is currently one of the much loved Ministers of the country. People can easily reach out to her using twitter if they need any kind of help and that is one of the main reasons behind her ever growing popularity. Her style of working has won millions of hearts and continuing to do so.

Very recently a person named Ramesh Kumar tweeted to the external affairs Minister saying that his friend who was traveling with his mother from Australia to India suddenly collapsed and passed away at Kuala Lumpur airport. He had further said that the mother of his friend is alone at the airport with her son’s body, and don’t know what to do. He asked Sushma Ji to help the mother of his deceased friend.

Our external affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj who is known for her kind heart and helpful nature quickly replied to the person saying that Indian high commission in Malaysia will transport the body from Kuala Lumpur Airport to India at their own expense. And an official will escort grieving mother to India.

After getting instant help from Sushma Swaraj the person thanked her and said that some people in Malaysia were asking huge sum of money to transport the body from Kuala Lumpur to India.

This great gesture from the Minister seemed have won the hearts of twitterati once again.

In India there is a stereotype of politicians that they only show up before the elections but Sushma ji indeed doesn’t fit in that. She is always active be it on or off the line.