Suspected Hizbul man gets ‘brilliant student’ certificate from AMU

Aligarh Muslim University has given a “good conduct” certificate to research scholar Mannan Wani who is suspected to have joined the Hizbul Mujahideen after photos of him holding an AK-47 surfaced on social media and the terrorist group even “confirmed and welcomed” the student into its ranks. Though the university had promptly expelled Wani then, an inquiry report submitted by AMU to the police department has described him as a “brilliant student” who had “nothing objectionable” against him as far as the university was concerned.

Two separate inquiries were conducted by AMU authorities and findings of both the reports were similar, a senior university official told a on Tuesday.

In the 109-page report, which was submitted by the two-member committee comprising Prof SH Arif from the department of pathology and Prof Kamlesh Chandra from ENT department of JN Medical College, it has been stated that during his five years in the university, Wani had “nothing suspicious on his record”.

The other committee was formed by the varsity proctor, Prof Mohd Mohsin Khan, immediately after Wani’s expulsion from the university. The committee included Prof Rashid Omar from department of geology where Wani was enrolled as a research scholar and Mohd Mohsin from the department of dermatology of Tibbiya College. They have also submitted a 20-page report with similar findings about Wani’s conduct.

Prof M Shafey Kidwai, member in-charge of public relations, AMU, said that the report was prepared after talking to teachers, Wani’s guide and fellow hostellers. He said nothing “objectionable” has been found against him.

Confirming that the report had been received, Aligarh senior superintendent of police Rajesh Pandey said it will be sent to the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) and examined in detail.

Source: Times of India