Suspected of child theft: UP man beaten to death in Tripura

In Tripura, a mob allegedly killed a resident of Uttar Pradesh and assaulted two others. The police said that this incident happened in Murabari, West Tripura.

AIG Smriti Ranjan Das told that at around 9.30 in the thursday morning, three people had come from other state. They all came to earn some money. AIG told that he had taken a car, when they arrived in the area, the people considered him a child thief and began to beat them.

  • Tripura mob killed two in 24 hrs.
  • Fake whatsapp message of child kidnapping took life again.
  • Internet data service in the district has been closed for 48 hours.

Das told that the hawkers took shelter in the camp of the Tripura State Rifles located in the area including the driver. Nearly a thousand people followed them and entered the camp and beat all of them.

AIG told that the TSR jawans fired two bullets in the air to run away the mob, and leave four shells of tear gas to disperse the crowd. Das said that one hawker was killed, while two other, the driver of the car and one police constable got injured.

Jahir Khan died on the spot. His two associates, Gulzar and Khurshid Khan, survived the attack but are battling for their lives. All of them are from Uttar Pradesh.

Tripura Director General of Police K. Shukla issued a notification saying that SMS and internet data service in the district has been closed for 48 hours.

There was another mob lynching case in South Tripura few hours later, killed a 33-year-old, social worker by the state government to spread awareness, against rumour spreaded in rural areas after a dispute with villagers.

Tripura has been rumored for some days that some people are selling children after kidnapping and selling them. The fire erupted when an 11-year-old child disappeared on Tuesday (June 26th).