(Suzanna) Arundhati Roy- “useful idiot” as the Soviets would call her

The epoch when Cold War was oxymoronically hot, Soviet military often used Soviet sympathetic voices within America to shoehorn their propaganda. Useful idiots, is what Soviets called them, for the Russies had no sympathy for such people, but they functioned as Soviet assets in the hour of need, sometimes even with no pecuniary benefits. Suzanna Arundhati Roy is one such cat’s paw, which the enemy uses against India.

Targeting the Indian Defence forces

Ms Roy is a well-known name in the literary community, who very recently donned the mantle of human right-activist. In her recent article published in HuffingtonPost, she expresses her sympathy for the suicide bomber who was born in a war torn Kashmir. Capper is, activists like her are hibernating when brave Kashmiris like Lt Ummer Fayaz and soldier Aurangzeb are killed. To the world it is never revealed that these brave men who fought for India were also born in the same war torn Kashmir, which she strongly is beguiled to believe, is occupied by India.  In fact calling Jammu and Kashmir a war-torn state is a misnomer because out of 20 J&K districts only 5 districts are listed as “disturbed”.

India is a belligerent nation, is an oft adopted stance in her literary works, and in her article in HuffingtonPost, she resorted to “nuclear warmongering”. She is certain that Pakistan would use its nuclear arms against India only in self-defence, while forgetting the fact that, it is India that has signed NFU (no first use of nuclear weapons) policy, whilst Pakistan has kept its nuclear policy ambiguous. Many of the Pakistani politicians are seen uttering the mendacious nuclear threat to India at the drop of a hat, but Ms Roy seems to have put on blinkers. Her bias is evident!

Following the wrong trail of bread crumbs, Ms Roy went on to paint Indian defence forces as irresponsible and trigger-friendly. She questioned the integrity of our defence forces when she questioned Indian Prime Minister’s sense of discernment at allowing the Sena to decide the course of action against Pakistan. Could she be ignorant that commander-in-chief of the Indian Armed Forces is the President of India himself? Or is she ignorant that never in the history of independent India, Indian armed forces, have taken over the democratic institutions? Trivia– Pakistan in its 7 decades of existence has had just one democratic government ,which could complete its 5 year term, otherwise Pakistan has seen only military rule.

It is worth mentioning that sporadically she assumes the role of an Indian Defence advisor on international platforms, despite the fact that the lady is dilettante on the subject. This can be gauged from the colossal blunder she made when she referred to Rafael the fighter jet as an aircraft carrier ( a warship that serves as a seagoing airbase), during one of her press conferences. Oh! And in her article she did not forget to mock the Surgical-strike conducted in 2016, which followed the Uri attack.

Blinded by her hate for Modi

Ideological differences can be expected in a democratic behemoth like India but Ms Roy’s personal attacks on Modi points to an abomination which stems from blind hatred. She is convinced that it was Prime Minister Modi who “pressed” Indian Air force to carry out an attack on terrorist camps inside the Pakistani territory. A nugget of wisdom to her—IAF had urged EX-PM to take a similar step post 26/11 attack, but the UPA government was averse to the idea. Anyone who has an understanding of India’s defence might would never make such delirious statements as Ms Roy did.

But this was not the end of her cathartic expression of loathe towards the Indian Prime Mister and the ruling party. She accused BJP of flexing its pecs to ride the wave of patriotism to garner more votes during Lok Sabha elections 2019. Chronological sequence of events prove her wrong once more, since a report released on Feb 21st declared—  “83% Indians say Modi-led government will make a come back after the 2019 elections”. And the air strike on Pakistan was carried out a week after this report was published, on 27th February, 2019.

With so many factual errors in her article, one wonders how a Wordsmith abomination can be masquerading as an Indian representative on International platforms?

Pulwama attack will go down in Indian history as the moment when India shed its reticence, and took the bull of terrorism by its horns. And it will also be remembered for those with cloaked daggers, who did not stand by their motherland in its hour of need.

This article is written by Levina

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