SV Candids – Episode 1, Part 3 – Explosive Interview with Dr. Gaurav Pradhan

SV Candids with Dr. Gaurav Pradhan - Part 3
SV Candids with Dr. Gaurav Pradhan - Part 3

Part 3

Exclusive Interview with

Dr. Gaurav Pradhan

Sorry for the delay, friends! I was on a Holiday for New Year & the network was not good where I was. Those who missed the First Part & the Second Part, click the links to have a look. Now, we present the third & final part of the exclusive talk with Dr. Gaurav Pradhan!

Dr. Gaurav Pradhan tells us whether Sonia, or Rahul, or Robert Vadra will be behind bars, & talks about his areas of interest – the sources of his data, his New Year Resolution, Internet of Things, & his opinion about electoral politics!

And finally, at the end of the interview Dr. Pradhan made a prediction which I had never imagined!

Thank you for watching the first episode of our show – SV Candids

[Dr. Gaurav Pradhan’s Exclusive Interview with Satyavijayi]

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