SV Exclusive: Read The Shocking Reason Why Rahul Gandhi Will Never Show Any Corruption Proof on Modi

Rahul Gandhi has off late been accusing and creating issues on PM Modi’s involvement in some scam which Rahul Gandhi claims to have proofs. However let’s try to understand why Rahul Gandhi all of a sudden is playing a exposure card.

Is this a just a strategy to save congress from the agustawestland scam debate by deviating the parliament session on a scam which never happened?

Is this a attempt to buy time to end the parliament sessions?

Is Rahul Gandhi trying to get some lime light out of an issue which never even happened in real?

And why is Rahul Gandhi saying he would expose the PM only in the parliament when he has a option of doing a press conference?

While in this parliament session the government of India should have been cornering the opposition especially the Ex UPA government how is that the ruling party failed to do this ?

We at Satyavijayi will tell you how congress had strategically planned to deal this winter session of parliament and get away from being cornered and embarrassed.

Congress had planned to get away unharmed and unconcerned this winter session so they cooked up issues which they could use to create rucks in the parliament. It first started with demonetization. While the first few days of parliament was stalled and dharna conducted inside and outside parliament in pretext of questioning the move of demonetization. However a normal citizen in the nation is proud of the move to ban 500 and 1000 rs notes the rich politicians faked worried and tried to fool the nation with the help of few media.

Presence of Modi in Parliment, while it was the ministry of finance which had to answer the questions of demonetization opposition insisted on PM’s presence in parliament and created rucks to stall the parliament for hours ensuring opposition had so change to question their hypocrisy. Every educated class knew that ministry of finance could give the government every answer they needed on topic of demonetization. Asking for PM’s presence was only a drama.

Then they restored to a cooked up scam on Kiren Rijiju which never had a logical conclusion or a valid proof to even lay allegation that Kiren Rijiju was even involved in any such scam. This cooked up Kiren Rijiju  issue helped opposition to stall the parliament without any proof for few more hours


And then comes the future of congress and the projected PM candidate of India if congress comes to power, Mr Rahul Gandhi. He on a press conference said he is not allowed to speak and in case he is allowed their could probably be an earthquake. He went on to claim that he has documents in possession of Mr Narendra Modi’s involvement in a scam and he would expose the same in the parliament if allowed.

Now why would Mr Rahul Gandhi Insist on exposing the PM only in the parliament and not in the media. In a political world specially in a country like India where political parties would waste no time in nailing their rivals why would someone like Rahul Gandhi want to wait for an opportunity to expose PM Modi in a parliament provided he is given time ? Why can’t he simply restore to a press conference? After all most journalist in this nation working with the main stream media hates PM Modi and is waiting for a opportunity to malign Modi’s reputation of being a honest PM. Rahul just had to show the proof and the media would have taken care of the rest. However Rahul chose not to do this. He only want to expose PM in parliament because whatever you say in the Parliament is official business and you cannot be sued or legally challenged for that. Now since Rahul doesn’t have a legitimate proof and since Modi had never indulged in any scam Rahul cannot conduct a press conference and blame Modi for something he has not done and if he does so Rahul can’t face serious legal complications from the BJP and this is the soul reason why Rahul is claiming to expose PM only in parliament. Easy way isn’t it to stall the parliament?

Congress could have escaped from being cornered in the agustawestland scam and the winter session could be a failure as always but we as a nation need to understand how political parties have lost their moral ethics and have restored to cheap politics. Our tax money is being wasted to save someone from being embarrassed. Its unfortunate that media supports such political leaders for whom the national interest has absolute no meaning. This is just an attempt to explain you how opposition parties of this nation had united to escape and save congress from being cornered on the scams they were all a part of during the UPA regime by rucking up fake stories