#SVFactfile: Did the BJP really “Fail” in Running the MCD as AAP Claimed?

Jahnavi Sharma

Delhi has dumped the broom and the lotus continues to bloom! The Aam Aadmi Party was confident of winning the MCD polls; even after their huge defeats in Punjab, Goa and even Delhi by polls. AAP’s strategy consisted of blaming the BJP-ruled MCD for not performing any initiatives. The AAP spread a false propaganda of inefficiency of MCD ruled by BJP.

Though the MCD wasn’t able to perform up to its potential and some of its promises were un-kept, SatyaVijayi’s special guest author, Jahnavi Sharma pointed out the developments in Delhi by the MCD ruled by BJP.

  1. For the very first time, the MCD brought e-governance. The online portal provides information on services and deadlines; The portal has also added more services to the citizen’s charter, each with fixed time frames.
  2. It has created a single window for factory, shop and establishment licenses and made arrangements for online applications for licensing.
  3. It has also made Property Tax payments online in order to bring all properties under the tax net. Till recently, it covered only 40% of the properties.
  4. They have also simplified building bylaws and made the process of applying for sanctions on its portal.
  5. It has set up three waste-to-energy plants, two construction and demolition waste recycling plants and composting facilities. It also set up various garbage collection depots across Delhi.
  6. They also re-laid many roads and set up AYUSH dispensaries in various districts too.
  7. It has re-modelled the Chhath ghats and constructed changing rooms too.
  8. Finally, it has made many Railway Over bridges and Railway under bridges in Delhi with the help of Northern Railways.

Thus, it will be wrong and unfair to say that the BJP was inefficient in running the MCD. Though the key promises weren’t fully delivered, but the BJP’s performance cannot go unnoticed.