Swaminarayan Temple priest backs PM Modi, asks devotees to pay back BJP’s debt

Political campaigning seems to be on the rise before the Assembly Elections in Gujarat this December. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is leaving no stone unturned on his home turf. And even the people of Gujarat aren’t behind in supporting PM Modi. It’s the head priest of Swaminarayan temple in Vadtal who has appealed to its devotees to vote for the Modi government in the state, and that too in the presence of the Prime Minister himself and state Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. At an event at the Vadtal temple on the auspicious occasion of Kartik Purnima on Saturday, the Chief Administrator of the temple, Maharaj Ghanshyam Prasad Das has made an earnest appeal to the devotees of the sect to vote for the BJP government, as per Indian Express.

The event at the Swaminarayan temple, which belongs to the Lakshmi Narayan Dev diocese of the sect, was attended by 1700 priests from across the state. Maharaj Ghanshyam Prasad said that BJP has stood by the organisation for 15 years and has hailed the party for its support. Praising the BJP-led state government, Maharaj Ghanshyam said, “The Vadtal organisation will forever be indebted to this government. This means we have to pay back this debt. Right now, we have tied a safa (headgear) to Rupani saheb, but that does not pay for our debt. To pay for our debt we have to do a lot more. I want to make this certain and definite appeal to all the devotees who are sitting here, watching through the internet or TV. It is the fortune of the people to have a king who is pure, people-loving and a visionary… We have such a king. It is Narendra Modi”, as quoted by IE.

“Narendra Modi should win. It is my appeal to all the devotees of the Swaminarayan sect–for 15 years, this government has gone out of its way to help us, stood by the Vadtal organisation, assisted in all things big and small”, Maharaj Ghanshyam Prasad added. As per IE reports, CM Rupani also hailed the Vadtal organisation and said, “The Model Code of Conduct is in place and therefore, I shall not say much about the government. But, I must say that I visit Vadtal whenever I can. It gives me immense inspiration to be here.”

Credit: Financial Express