Swamy Exposes How Antiques Stolen from India were Smuggled to Italy by Sonia Gandhi (VIDEO)

Swamy Exposes How Antiques Stolen from India were Smuggled to Italy by Sonia Gandhi (VIDEO)

Indian temple sculpture of gods and goddesses, antiques, pichwai paintings, shatoosh shawls, coins, and you name it, were transported to Italy to be first displayed in two shops owned by her sister [i.e., Anuskha alias Alessandra].

These shops located in blue-collar areas of Rivolta [shop name: Etnica] and Orbassano [shop name: Ganpati] did little business because which blue collar Italian wants Indian antiques? The shops were to make false bills, and thereafter these treasures were taken to London for auction by Sotheby’s and Christies.

Some of this ill-gotten money from auction went into Rahul Gandhi’s National Westminster Bank and Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank, London accounts, but most of it found it’s way into the Gandhi family account in the Bank of America in Cayman Islands. Dr Swamy produced photos of her smuggling antiques & put into the court, it shows antiques stolen from all over India.

The LTTE assisted her to smuggle this antiques but nobody believed me on this LTTE involvement until when Italian govt. arrested 33 LTTE people in Italy. Sonia Gandhi has been more discreet, but as greedy, in her looting of Indian treasures. When Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were Prime Ministers, not a day passed when the PM’s security did not go to the New Delhi, or Chennai international airport to send crates and crates unchecked by customs to Rome. Air India and Alitalia were the carriers.

Swamy  failed to persuade the government to defend India’s treasures from plunder by the Mainos, then he approached the Delhi High Court in a PIL. The first Bench of the court issued notice to the Government, but since the Indian government dragged it’s feet, the Court directed the CBI to seek Interpol’s and Italian government’s help. The Italian government justifiably asked for a Letter Rogatory for which a FIR is a pre-requisite.

But the Interpol did oblige and submitted two voluminous reports, which the Court directed the CBI to hand over to Dr Swamy. But CBI has refused, and has claimed privilege.

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