Dr Swamy Destroys questions of NDTV’s Vikram Chandra in National Herald Vendetta Debate-Full Video

There was a debate on NDTV today on whether action taken by court on Gandhi Pariwar is Vendetta Politics. Anchor of that debate was Vikram Chandra and as expected, NDTV tries its best to bat for congress.

Dr Subramanian Swamy joins the debate for initial 8 minutes and only these 8 mins seems to be good. Other part just contains congress and NDTV trolling BJP Spokesperson.

It starts with question to Dr Swamy from Vikram Chandra that if it is Political Vendetta to which , Dr Swamy reply back saying, few days back, congress referred Swamy as man with no importance in BJP and now he seems to be Gunman of BJP dictated by Modi as told by Congress so these are mere allegations.

Second question is about if there is legally anything wrong in NH case as Gandhi pariwar says, company is founded under section 25 and it is not responsible for salary of employees and all. To this question, Dr Swamy replies saying, question is how with small money and big scam, they made crores and now since its before court. let them prove it there.

Last question as expected is on Sonia Gandhi’s “Indra Gandhi Daughter in law” comment to which, Dr Swamy says, he personally knows more than 1 incidence where Sonia Gandhi then also being daughter in Law of Indra Gandhi runs away and gives 3-4 examples.

NH scam accused NO 1, daughter in law of late Indira Gandhi, Mother India according to Salman Khurshid, is not scared of anybody ! Well

1) She ran away to London in 1971 with children

2) Ran away in 1977 to Italian embassy in New Delhi

3) 1991 sent away all her valuables to Singapore !

Opening interview with Dr Swamy tore the A-1 and Cong defence to pieces and actual debate was only a formality.

We would say that all arguments of NDTV Anchor Vikram Chandra are completely destroyed by Dr Swamy. If he would have joined entire debate, surely would have bashed the congress and NDTV through the debate.

Here is the full Video of the debate out of which, initial 8 mins are worthy watching.

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