Dr Subramanian Swamy Tears Rajdeep’s questions on National Herald @Indiatoday-Full Video

Today, Dr Subramanian Swamy appeared on India Today on interview with Rajdeep Sardesai on National herald Case. Sardesai tries his best to defend his pay masters congress by hook or crook but is teared apart completely.

At couple of Instances, he even hits out at Rajdeep saying, “Do you know anything about law?”  Rajdeep does the same old saga that from last 20 years, you are targeting Sonia Gandhi and likes of lawyers like Chidambram saying altogether different angle on NH Case.

To this, Dr Swamy refutes saying, its not just behind Sonia Gandhi, but its against corrupt. If anyone in BJP will even do something wrong or corruption, Dr Swamy will go after him/her too. If Chidambaram is so interested and knows so much about NH case, why dont he represents Sonia and Rahul Gandhi in NH case on Court?

Then he corrects and explains Rajdeep Sardesai on what is National herald Case all about as if, Sardesai did not knew about it at all.

The discussion ended with Rajdeep Saying Swamy, that you are committed and decided to send Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to Jail, Swamy reply saying, they deserve to go in Jail because of what they did and even if someone from BJP helps Gandhi family, they too must be exposed and sent to Jail.



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